Nowadays, the competition among businesses is rising by leaps and bounds. Every marketer is trying his or her level best to grab the attention of buyers. For that reason, marketers spend a lot of resources for mobilizing marketing gears. Beforehand, a business owner should know what prospects expect from a marketing campaign. How a new offering can bring ease to the lives of customers. It is also important that the contents of the campaign should be visually attractive in order to draw a quick response. Instagram is a platform that allows you to create appealing visual aids and provides various options to keep your customers engaged.

However, just by registering with Instagram and uploading your brand images would not suffice your marketing goals. In order to stay in top of the mind of your prospects, you need to build a robust marketing strategy. Here are these tips.

Posting Great Contents

When people hear about posting great contents, many of them think that the content should be written in the flowery language. Nowadays, people spend most of the time on mobile devices. They want to read contents that are precise, written in easy language and presented in attractive fonts. People surf Instagram for viewing photos that are plain and simple. Instead of putting a sales pitch, you should highlight the personality of your brand.

Praising Your Targeted Audience

Nobody likes to talk to a person who lacks emotions. People prefer to develop interests towards those who possess a sense of empathy. For creating a superb brand image, you need to engage your targeted audience on Instagram. Conduct a research to find out influential users. Follow them and like their posts. These kinds of users would follow you when you leave a comment after reading their posts. By sharing the original posts of influencers, you can broaden your follower base and draw the attention of your targeted audience. You can also consult professional team like Instamacro to increase your Instagram followers and likes.

Deploying Relevant Tags

When you use key hashtags on Instagram, users feel comfortable to find your profile and content. You have to conduct a research to find out hashtags that match with your profile and the industry you serve. There are several tools available for locating suitable hashtags. While using hashtags in your posts, deploy relevant ones as Instagram allows you to use maximum 30 tags.

Using Video in Your Content

A past study has revealed that many companies do not use the video feature of Instagram for promoting their brands. Only leading brands use this feature. Using the video feature can help you to highlight your brand in cluttered situations. When you launch new products or services, you show include videos of your company’s culture, the moments of developing products, employees’ motivation and many more to build trust among your targeted audience.

Running Contest on Instagram

If you want to create a buzz around your Instagram channel, you should organize promotion, giveaway or contest. Based on the capacity of your contest, you can invite your followers and ask them to like leave a comment on your photo. You should think of ways for getting your followers involved and engaged by hosting relevant and fun-filled promotions.

Measuring Your Success with Analytics

Apart from running contests, promotions and sharing visually appealing posts, you have to measure the impact of these activities. Plan your posts and define goals, which you can analyze. For that purpose, you can use third-party applications to find out the part of the content, which your followers like the most and devise your marketing strategies accordingly.

These are the strategies for engaging your followers on Instagram.