As the awareness about routinely skin maintenance and care is increasing so are the beauty myths and misconceptions. Some are so deep rooted that they are even passed over from one generation to another and women follow them religiously. Being negligent or lack knowledge about them is not a solution as some of them can be harmful for your skin. Thus to clear out the disastrous misconceptions here are few myths unveiled and facts about them revealed:-

Myth 1:- Regular application of sun screens can darken your skin tone.

This myth is generally prevalent due to the oiliness and greasiness that one encounters after the sun screen application. The problem here lies with the usage of the incorrect sun-screens that mismatch with your skin type. With the large variety of options we tend to fall in for the wrong products. Before buying a sunscreen look thoroughly for some facts such as, what skin type it is suited for, SPF number and its density. The sunscreens should be applied as often as you can, probably 3 to 4 times a day as it protects your skin from the direct exposure to harmful UV rays.

Myth 2:- You can moisturize skin anytime of the day

The time for your skin to moisturize properly lies between 2 to 3 minutes after the bath. This is the time when the skin pores are still open and will hydrate properly. Anytime later would lead to improper moisture absorbance.

Myth 3:- Wash your face multiple times a day

Indeed washing your face will keep it clean and pollutant free but over washing might reduce the natural skin moisture. If at all you feel the need or compulsion to wash your face every other hour then make sure you avoid the usage of soaps or face washes.

Myth 4:- Use the entire product line

Don’t fall under the trap of the advertisements or the hypes at the cosmetic stores. You don’t have to use the entire product line to avail its benefits. It’s better to choose different products from different makers as long as they suit your skin. It would be helpful to ask for free samples to try the product first before purchasing them.

Myth 5:- The expensive, the better

The products launched in the market are usually tested on ample of women and that’s the reason enough to know that they work. You just need to be aware about the right amount of minerals your skin lacks and then buy a product accordingly. Skincare range by Herbalife products are an effective yet pocket friendly option. Being smart with your purchase would prevent you from falling in the mythical trap of the high end products.

Myth 6:- The maximum lifetime sun damage on the skin occurs before 18

This is one of the most accepted and followed misconception. Rather the skin damage due to harmful sun rays before 18 consists of about 23%. But the effect worsens as your skin gets older. Just remember the more your ages, the more care your skin demands