The effect that beverages have on the teeth depends on several things, the most important factor being overall acidity. Anything that is 5.5 pH or less is considered acidic. The acidic food and beverages make the tooth enamel soft and teeth more vulnerable to damage. The chances of cavities increases and the teeth is open to bacteria attack. Drinks that are acidic and have sugar contents in them are more damaging to the teeth and must be definitely avoided.
Listed below are six drinks that can be harming your teeth:


Wine is believed to be good for your heart and health, especially red wine. But wine has acidic content which makes it not a good choice for the teeth. Wine can stay in the mouth and leave stains in the teeth which can stay for a long time until removed through a medical procedure. Though white wine is more acidic, red wine is also not a good option for the teeth.


Different Vodka’s have different pH levels. Some can be below 4 but some can also be as high as 8. Less expensive vodka brands have lower pH. One of the major impacts of vodka is that it has a drying effect. The saliva in the mouth is a natural defense against a lot of damages. Vodka leaves the mouth dry, which means that there is no protective shield on the tooth and anything consumed can get stuck in the mouth.

Energy drinks

If you look at the contents of the energy drinks, they are sugary and acidic that means they can cause a lot of damage to the tooth. The drinks are highly concentrated and expose the tooth to danger. They do not have any health benefits whatsoever and must be avoided, especially by kids and teenagers.

Citrus juice

Citrus fruits are a good source of Vitamin D. Which means they are healthy for the body. However, when the citric acid is too much, it can be an invitation to the bacteria and instead harm the tooth.


Just like the energy drinks, soda is sugar plus acidic content. They are absolutely useless to the body and when taken in large quantities can cause a lot of damage to the body and the teeth.

Packaged fruit juice

All the packaged juice that is available in the market has less fruit but more flavors and sugars. They have preservatives added to them that can keep them fresh for a long period of time. These preservatives are harmful to the body and also stain the teeth.

At a sitting with the dentist in Ghaziabad, here is what I came to conclude. If you still like the drinks way too much to give them up, be sure to take them in limited quantities. If not eliminate, the risk can be cut down. Make sure that you follow a proper routine, brushing, flossing and gargling. Drink more and more water,It helps in the formation of saliva that shields the teeth against such acids. Try chewing sugar free gums and have water immediately after the consumption of such drinks. Avoid taking such drinks right before you go to the bed and do not forget to brush your teeth before going to bed.