The current trends in office space design demand “home away from home” environment that gives employees a sense of belonging. Majority of successful businesses have embraced this idea, creating offices that offer comfortable furniture, various entertainment equipment, and other non-work related amenities. Since break rooms are focal points of almost any office, it is crucial to equip them with all the appliances necessary for a more satisfied workforce. Here are some appliances that every office break room should have:

Coffee Makers

7 Appliances Every Office Should Have in Their Break Room 1

Don’t even start setting up your break room without getting a coffee maker first! It is one of the essential appliances of any office. Most of your employees probably can’t function properly without having a fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Also, during the rest of the workday, people will often use every break to get a cup and strike up a conversation with their colleagues. There’s a vast variety of coffee machines, from standard ones that make a whole pot, or those which make specialty cups, to espresso machines, you name it!


Having a microwave is absolutely a necessity! Preferably you’ll have more than one, to avoid people lining up in front of it, and waiting to heat their lunches. Since workdays last at least eight hours, many employees choose to bring their food from home. Those meals usually get cold before lunchtime and need to be reheated. Also, microwaves don’t have to be used solely for heating food. You could use them to cook some meals. Besides being affordable, microwaves are easy to use and maintain!


7 Appliances Every Office Should Have in Their Break Room 2

Most employees bring their food from home, and they need a place to store it since they probably won’t eat it right away. So, it’s safe to say that a refrigerator is an essential appliance in any office.  The size of the fridge will depend on how many people will be using it. If there are dozens or hundreds of people in the office, you’ll need multiple larger refrigerators. If it’s a small office, you can make even with a mini fridge. Since buying a fridge could be a significant investment, you could opt for a used one. However, make sure to have a trusted and professional supplier, such as Wholesale Appliance Supplies, who can always deliver valuable spare parts when needed.

Water Coolers

A water cooler is the centrepiece of every office and is often correlated with an office environment. Undoubtedly, coffee and tea are a necessity in the office. However, there’s only one thing people simply cannot go without during a work day – water! Water coolers are the best way to make sure you always have fresh, hot or cold, and filtrated water available. They are much more convenient than having to buy bottled water regularly. Since water comes in large containers, there will be plenty both for your employees and for visitors!

Tea Kettles

7 Appliances Every Office Should Have in Their Break Room 3

For those who don’t enjoy coffee, but like to have a hot drink, it’s best to have a tea kettle, or a couple, available, since in most cases their preferred drink will be tea. Although technically it is possible to heat the water for tea in the microwave, most tea lovers will always prefer a kettle. Luckily, those are not expensive! Just make sure to have a wide selection of tea bags available!

Ice Makers

Although having an ice machine is definitely not a necessity, it is worth having one. Occasionally, some people are going to want to switch from hot beverages and enjoy chilled soda or mineral water. Naturally, they could use ice trays, meaning that somebody would always have to be in charge of refilling the trays. However, it is way easier to simplify the process and let the machine do its magic. Ice makers do not take up much space. You could place one on the countertop, or use a built-in one and place it inside a cabinet.


7 Appliances Every Office Should Have in Their Break Room 4

Similar to a microwave, a toaster is one of those appliances you just cannot imagine a break room without. Since many employees bring their breakfast or lunch in the form of a sandwich, chances are it’s going to be used a lot. Toasters are not only portable an convenient to use. They are also really easy to clean and maintain. Also, if for some reason you need to replace it and get a new one, they are rather inexpensive.


Any thoughtful employer should strive to make the workspace as comfortable as possible for their employees, without overdoing it. You don’t want an office that’s all about everything except work! However, with just a small investment and the right selection of appliances, you can make your break room a haven where your employees could take their minds off work for a brief period, which could seriously boost productivity and profitability!