Gadgets have become a part and partial of our lives. They are everywhere providing us productivity as well as entertainment features and hence have become an in-separable part of our lives. In this context let us examine some gadgets which provide the best features and rule in their respective segments.

Apple iPhone 4s (Smartphone)


The Apple iPhone 4S is the king of all smartphones. Continuing the tradition of the iPhone series, the Apple iPhone 4S has a better camera and has the latest iOS 5 which is one of the fastest operating systems in the market. It has a strong steel body and a glass finish to complete that classy look. Also it has the unique voice assistant- Siri, which will make all your tasks much easier and faster. The only problem with the phone is lack of 4G.

Asus e-Pad Transformer Prime (Tablet)

asus eee pad transformer prime tablet

Following the lines of the iPad design, the transformer prime is thinner and provides a wide host of more features. The Transformer prime has a detachable keyboard which can provide you the advantages of an ultrabook and when you remove it- it is a tablet. The Transformer prime comes with a SD card slot and HDMI port. Also it comes with the popular Android Ice-cream sandwich OS. The tablet also provides good images thanks to the 8MP camera with 1080p video shooting capabilities.

Nikon D 7000 (Digital Camera)


The Nikon D 7000 is one of the best budget dSLR cameras available. It performs exceptionally well for its class with a great viewfinder and a much better body construction. Although it doesn’t offer a lot of features like some of the high end cameras do, the Nikon D 7000 however captures some of the best stills and this is what cameras are made for. The flipside is that it lacks 1080 HD video recording which may go against it.

Apple MacBook Pro (Laptop)


Although on the higher side of price, the MacBook Pro is definitely worth every penny. With OS X Lion, it has worldís most advanced desktop OS (according to Apple and many reviewers). The Macbook pro has the best trackpad and gesture controls among the laptops currently available in the market. It however lacks an optical drive which you can buy separately and connect it via a USB. However the same doesn’t seem much of a problem as most of the laptop Optical drives does not last long and eventually you have to replace them.

Sharp Elite PRO- X5FD (HD Television)


The Sharp Elite Pro- X5FD is the ultimate in HD televisions. With the best contrast ratio and superior picture quality, there is hardly any competitor for the elite currently in the market. The color is superbly detailed and accurate and one wonders if it is a television or a window. To top it, it has one of the most energy efficient HD televisions out there. The Elite Pro however costs an arm and a leg and was never meant for the budget market.

Denon AVR 1912 (Home Audio/Video System)

Denon AVR 1912

The Denon AVR 1912 is one of the best home audio systems your money can buy. With the built in Airplay feature, it can help you connect any Apple device into the Denon AVR 1912. Its sound quality is amazing and is the best in its class and it comes with 6 HDMI ports to connect your HD televisions. A must have for your home entertainment.

Gaming gear: Sony Playstation 3 Slim

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With a cheaper price, smaller and slim design, built in blue-ray disc reader, HDMI output with 1080 support, excellent interface and output, energy efficient operation, the Sony Playstation is the ultimate in Gaming consoles. Simply there is no competition for the Sony Playstation 3 Slim in any aspect and is a must have for Gaming enthusiasts.