With nearly everyone using a smartphone to get through the day, it makes sense there are apps geared toward driving. While most may think that having extra apps would be a distraction, the following apps actually help to keep drivers, regardless of experience, safer.

Safe Driver

This app was designed to bring peace of mind to parents who have a newly licensed teen behind the wheel. It reports the location of the vehicle and how fast it is being driven. Any infractions regarding speed or other moving violations are reported to the parent by text or email.

As the name suggests, this app prevents emails and text messages from being sent or received while the vehicle is in motion. Using a motion detector, the app places the restriction as soon as the car reaches five miles per hour.


Even stricter than Text Arrest, the Key2SafeDriving app blocks all phone use if the engine is running. When used with teens, the parents can set up a password that prevents bypassing from the user. Any incoming text will be automatically replied to with an “I am busy driving” message.

Steer Clear Mobile

This app provides logging for weather conditions, mileage and driving time to encourage safe habits. Beneficial for both new and experienced drivers, it can qualify a person for cheap Texas auto insurance.

Dangers Of Distracted Driving

A safety app and a teaching tool that shows how dangerous and preventable distracted driving is. The app uses a straightforward manner to explain how someone can end up in the “kill zone” and contains modules to encourage safer driving habits.

Drive Safely Pro

This app acts as a reader for emails and text messages by saying them aloud to a driver, which the person can then reply to verbally. While the app encourages hands-free use while driving, it should be noted that any type of conversation can cause a delay in a driver’s reaction time.

Zoom Safer

Like several other apps, Zoom Safer is geared toward teen drivers by preventing calls, emails, texts and web browsing while on the road. One major difference is that the app can be programmed to allow some calls to go through, which is crucial in an emergency situation.

Using the above apps is simple and makes driving safer for everyone.