Space limitations of a small yard do require a specific design approach. Regardless of the chosen style, attention to every detail is of utmost importance and any incompleteness will be clearly noticed in such a small area. The primary objective, of course, is to maximize the space available and at the same make it inviting, colorful and lively. These design ideas will make it appear bigger without sacrificing any of the design elements that make a truly representative garden.

Go vertical

Opting for a vertical plant arrangement instead of a horizontal one surely is one of the most effective ways of making the best use of the space available. A wide selection of different vertically growing plants guarantees that everyone will be able to find one or ones that are just perfect for their yard. Stacked planters, vertical pallet planters and pot holders are just some of attractive vertical gardening ideas to arrange the plants in your garden.

Pergolas and arbors


One of the most effective ways of making a garden space appear larger is to use pergolas and arbors. Their long straight lines will create an effect that your small garden is grander than it really is. Furthermore, their structure allows vertical positioning of plants and different aesthetic elements, making the best use of space possible. Finally, they are one of the most favored DIY projects and can easily be customized to fit individual preferences and dimensions.

Mix it up


Sometimes the best solution for a small dimension yard is to mix several elements in order to achieve a dynamic effect while still maintaining a compact whole. For example, a lawn intercrossed with different paving materials and enriched with carefully selected plants will create such a visual impression that the actual size of the yard will soon be put on the back burner. Still, do not overdo it. Keep to three to four elements combination, otherwise you risk creating a mishmash.

Multilayer the landscape


By putting plantings and other garden design elements on multiple vertical levels, the focus will shift from limited square footage to a three-dimensional effect, advise renowned garden landscaping experts. Stairs and ladders are additions that work well in a small garden setting. Accompany them with retaining walls and raised beds, as well as with vertical growing plants mentioned above and the look will be completed.

Reading nook


The less-is-more approach certainly has its place when small sized areas are concerned. A centerpiece design approach proved to work great in backyards and creating a reading nook is one of the least demanding projects. If you are an avid reader, having a dedicated place in your backyard where you can enjoy the beauty of the written world is bound to succeed. All that you need is a comfortable armchair, a reading lamp, a small desk to keep your favorite drink on and you are all set.

Dining area


If your idea of relaxing is a nice dinner under the starry sky, there is nothing better than having an outside dining area. Just like it is the case with a reading nook, the setup is quite simple. Regardless of how small your yard is, there will surely be enough space for a dining table, a set of chairs and elegant floral arrangements coupled with candle holders to complete a perfect romantic dinner setup.

Blur the borderlines

If your yard is connected to the neighboring one(s), there is a handy trick to expand its limits. Clearly marked borderlines additionally shrink any space while blurred ones will open it up. This is particularly true if a neighboring yard is larger or features large objects such as pergolas, for example. Also, if you have a tree in your yard, make sure it is not planted in a spot where it would block the view of a tree next door. Having an uninterrupted gaze creates an impression of a larger space, especially if the neighboring tree crowns resemble yours.

The physical limitations of a small garden have no constraints when it comes to design possibilities. Naturally, a pool or a basketball court are out of the question but various other design ideas guarantee that you will find a suitable one for your small haven.