Let’s face it, technology is advancing to a degree that we can’t spare a second to sit back and acknowledge the wonder. Technology makes simple everyday activities and chores go much faster. Here are eight technologies we use that deserve a little love because you may be taking them for granted this very second.

Helpful Map Apps

No one quite remembers how getting from Point A to Point B worked back in the day (something about obtrusive, windshield-spanning maps). With apps like Waze, driving to your Grandma’s house for Christmas just turned into playing Grand Theft Auto V. Radar! Gone are the days where we drive around asking for directions. We rarely think about where we would be without these GPS apps, but we would probably be completely lost if they ever shut down on us.

Free Podcasts

One quick trip to the iTunes Store reveals a seemingly endless variety of Podcasts that can make your morning commute a little more educational than it already is (no offense, Top 40 Radio). Whatever you’re into, there’s likely a podcast for it. And it’s FREE. You can even download lectures from top schools to help get your brain moving.


Not too long ago, people had to wash all their dishes by hand. If you have ever been stuck in an older apartment without a dishwasher, then you probably understand how much time Bosch dishwashers actually save you. Dishwasher wash and dry your dishes for you and save you counter space!

The “Miles Til Empty” Screen

Remember the days when you would drive around with your car on “E” for a week wondering when you were going to run out of gas? Most never cars have the “miles til empty” screen so that you can get a more accurate idea of when you absolutely need gas.

Streaming Movie Services

Netflix’s existence means our evenings are clogged up with absorbing every episode of any given TV show. No one knows if this is a good or bad thing yet, probably because they’re on Season 3 of Breaking Bad right now and think morality is relative. Rather than having to wait for your old shows to come on television as reruns, or buying the DVDs when the season is over, you can watch your favorite televisions shows online anytime.

Automatic Locks on Cars

Long gone are the days when you slash up the side of your car in the nighttime. Little buttons sure make life easier and less scratched-up! Plus, if you ever forget where you parked, instead of wandering aimlessly you can set off your alarm and follow the sound!

Google Drive

Shareable documents, editable group content, and an essentially endless amount of online space make Google Drive the most user-friendly and convenient document service on the planet. Employees don’t have to worry about losing important documents, because generally it’s saved on a drive where it can be accessed at anytime.

Cell Phones

Cellphones obviously have their pros and cons, but when you are out and about and need to make an emergency call it’s definitely easier to use a cellphone than drive around looking for a payphone. In the age of the smartphone, most people can even check their email or Google something on their phone.

Technology surrounds us everyday. It’s embedded in our life so much so that we hardly notice it is there or take the time to appreciate it. Leave your cell phone at home for the day or try washing your dishes by hand and it will help remind you of all that technology does and how much it is taken for granted.