Are you a hardcore core car enthusiast? Looking for reviews and information on a car that you’re planning to buy? Have nothing to do on a lazy Sunday? Well, switch on your laptop, go onto YouTube, and look up the following YouTube channels mentioned below. These are 8 ultimate automotive channels that will keep you hooked for hours.


Easily one of the best YouTube channels out there for automotive lovers across the globe, Motor Trend is your first stop on this list to get your adrenaline pumping. From first drives and tests of the hottest cars on the most desirable roads, to the latest news from the world of automotives, Motor Trend has it all. The show covers so many elements that everybody will definitely find something they fancy. Be it car information from the point of view of the driver, reliable and accurate news from the automotive world, adventure rides, and even first tests and rides of motorcycles, Motor Trend hits the mark.

The Smoking Tire

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Apart from its interesting name, there are a lot more reasons why you should watch this nifty YouTube channel. The Smoking Tire is a great source to visit for automotive video reviews and adventures. Mainly focusing on reviews about race cars, exotic cars, general vehicle information, and sometimes interviews, The Smoking Tire will keep all you car enthusiasts hooked. Moreover, the team is known for their seemingly lighthearted and easy approach towards the show, which makes this channel totally worth every second of your time.


If you are interested in detailed and objective reviews of cars, this channel is pretty much up your alley. The reviews are thorough and in-depth, making a genuine effort to be up to the point. The channel provides its viewers with new updates coming in every week, and presentations that cover almost every part of the vehicle reviewed. Besides, the on-camera hosts enable viewers to experience the driving dynamics of the latest cars along with their latest features.

Kelly Blue Book

If you want to get rid of the humor and prefer more of up-to-the-point presentations of your favorite cars, this is the YouTube channel you are looking for. Kelly Blue Book is a great source of information for all you car enthusiasts out there looking for comprehensive and detailed information along with the surety of accuracy that you expect. The narrative and style of presentation is more on a serious note, with little or no humor found. So if you’re someone who wants to skip all silly humor and straightaway get to the point, Kelly Blue Book is the destination for you.


Right from family-focused cars to latest sports cars, to luxury cars, Auto Express is a brilliant YouTube channel that gives its viewers tons of good and well-delivered reviews. The channel is updated on a frequent basis, keeping viewers updated on all the latest releases.


Camerons Car Reviews

So you’ve set your eyes on the next car that you want to buy but still having second thoughts? Looking for a nifty review that could help your decision? If yes, Cameron Car Reviews is the ultimate destination for you. With this YouTube channel, you could email the car review you want and you’ll have your car review video posted on YouTube. Without having to go to the dealership, you can get a basic overlook of the car and its features, and its edge over other competitors.


A YouTube channel by the popular automotive website cars.com, this is a channel you can rely on to get an opinion on any car. If you are looking for the perfect car at the perfect price, cars.com is the channel for you. The team gives out effective reviews of the latest cars. These are relatively accurate reviews that can help you cross check and verify details with your dealer as well as other automotive channels.

Edmunds’ Inside Line Videos

When it comes to car reviews and car news, Edmunds’ is yet another impressive YouTube channel that certainly deserves a place on this list. The channel takes into account all the aspects of the cars that are reviewed, and helps users remain up-to-date with reviews and latest releases. Right from things like fuel efficient and comfort, to topics like GPS and audio technology, this awesome channel covers it all.