The trouble that many individuals face while shopping online is that they are disconnected from those who are answerable to their questions in real time and also with precision. To cope with this trouble and stop potential customers to just click away from the e-commerce sites, many entrepreneurs have been making an addition of live chat support. As a result, these live chats are proving themselves helpful enough for the maximum satisfaction of customers’ wants, as well as benefitting the staff and company’s bottom line equally.

In this article, we’ll make you some recommendations while choosing a live chat software for Shopify store

1.      Userlike

It comes with the most beautifully crafted interface for the chat and admin both, which is also optimized for mobile screens. Where it has a massive integration with a lot of apps and platforms, it also allows quick switches for customizing the chat window and support for teams.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 1

2.      Cugic

It offers great, minimalist interface with some amazingly cool customization. It features a mini dashboard for you to get a glance of all essential data for customer support. Most importantly, it doesn’t integrates with your Shopify Store only, but Mailchimp account and Google Analytics as well. It would be one of the most weight live chat software for your website and e-commerce store.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 2

3.      Zopim

Since it is acquired by Zendesk (a great customer support company), there are some outstanding developments going on with Zopim. It is some of the best collection of triggers that makes all your communications contextual. The team of developers is working on the app’s integration with Facebook messenger, and also gives a quick view of store’s visitors to get all the details regarding visitors such as who’s been on the site, for how long, and what they have been doing. Plus, an amazing reporting system is also designed to keep track of agents’ performances.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 3

4.      Quick Facebook Live Chat

It is an app that directly integrates with your Facebook messenger (for business page). For its chat box is Facebook-friendly, there are very less chances for customization. It comes with no admin panel hassles – all messages are directed to the inbox of your Facebook Messenger so you can easily keep a track of them. Most of all, it is completely free to use.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 4

5.      Chatra

Chatra’s triggered chats allow you kick off a chat at some specific topic; helps in the closing of a sale or increases conversions through maximum engagement with customers at the right time. It allows you to add multiple agents to a chat, which is helpful if an agent needs some assistance from other agents regarding some information. Also, it makes you see what a user is typing even before he has sent it to you, which supposedly is helpful for you to be ready with an answer already.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 5

6.      Tawk.to

Tawk.to is a software which initially started as a chat app. but now, it is developing into a complete help and support system. It comes with various interesting features which are helpful in enhancing the usability. For instance, the feature of saved-replies is invoked with a “/command” feature. Also, another feature of “alias” option allows one person to have multiple aliases for handling everything as a one-man show.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 6

7.      Livechat

LiveChat allows you to take a peek about what the visitor is typing and get ready with an answer before time. To make all chats much quicker with the visitors, it is canned with a lot of responses so that the dealing with several shipping and discount queries may be effortless. It is integrated with Facebook. And also, surveys are helpful in analyzing the performance of agents.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 7

8.      Tidio Live Chat

It is one of the best mobile-optimized plug in for live chat that features a chrome plugin as well. Unlike many other apps, it has a minimalist design that keeps the chat box less obstructive and keep it light weight. It serves you with very contextual chat so that you may know who you are talking to – if it is a repeat customer, a repeat visitor, or a new visitor, etc.

8 Live Chat App to Consider For Your Shopify Store 8


Do you use live chat software for your e-commerce website? If not, it is just the right time to get in because every next business is giving its counterparts a run for their money. A live chat software is very much helpful in responsive and interactive engagement with the customers. When the online customers are getting answers to their queried conveniently, it builds up their trust with the business and eventually aids the staff and bottom line of the company as well.

Live chat is quite different from phone calls and other means of communication so all replies are short and the representatives offers solutions in direct straight forward short sentences.