When we say office breaks, we immediately think of the food we are going to digest in the afternoon. It can also mean the minutes left to browse Facebook and other social media feed before going back to our jobs. Staying in an office space for rent in Quezon City without doing anything different for break time can make us feel stuffed and fed up of the constant flow of tasks. Instead of feeling revived and ready for work, we may feel exhausted. Our workplace can become stuffy and take the joy of contributing to the company.

Fortunately, we can avoid and minimize the feeling by using our break time wisely. We often forget to maximize our time off. It becomes worse when we don’t take breaks to tick off the items from our insurmountable to-do list. Catching up with colleagues,  consuming healthy food, listening to music, walking, and taking a deep breath or a nap is simple yet effective in reducing stress levels. Find out the other stuff we forget to do during the break and why you should consider doing them in your next time off.

Sneaking a nap

We rarely have time to get enough sleep at night. Our brains are busy from too many stimuli, or our eyes are worked up digesting our friend’s latest engagement photos. Lack of sleep slows us down and makes us less productive in the office. Moreover, using our brain to have laser-sharp focus depletes our energy reserves. Some shut-eye can recharge our power and bring us back in the game.

Socializing with the team

Talking with people face-to-face provides interaction. Working in individual stations with only the computer and pile of paperwork makes us isolated. It helps to get up and talk to people now and then especially our colleagues. They may also feel the same way but are shy to voice it out. Reach out and get to know them better.

Taking deep breaths

Staying seated for an extended period can make our bodies stagnant. Blood flow becomes slower so other parts of your body won’t get enough oxygen. Long, overdrawn breaths fill the lungs with a fresh batch of oxygen. Deep breaths can also help us get back on track. It helps us regain focus by clearing our mind of clutter and unnecessary noise.

Eating healthy snacks

Break time allows you to satisfy the cravings of our taste buds. Some offices limit munching on snacks during work hours. Thus, we can use the break to get our fill. Something healthy such as a refreshing salad, a succulent fruit or a medley of dry nuts and oats are healthy alternatives to fatty and salty snacks. Eating healthy will also boost our immune system and prevent us from catching diseases.

Seeing new sights

Fresh air will do us good. Getting some sun and fresh air will give our body a chance to move. Being out also provides a change of scenery and give you a cut from the sterile and neutral colors of your office interiors.

Doing something we love

Doing anything that sparks our interest or in line our passion, whether it be listening to hip-hop, writing, visiting malls, looking at cat videos, taking photos, basically all other things besides the tasks at work helps us enjoy and appreciate your workplace. It sways our mind off the pressure of the job and keeps us away from our stations. Little things such as reading the books and magazines at the tables and shelves at the office is an excellent place to start. Partaking in activities such as attending fitness classes is another way to practice the habit.

Practicing gratitude and mindfulness

Thinking of all the things we have or gained during our time at the office. The act helps us see how far we’ve come. It also helps us assess our standing as an employee and as a person. Recalling the hard work, team accomplishments and our recognition will even make us feel good about ourselves. When we feel good inside, we want to share the feeling with other people. We also want others to feel the same way. Hence, you will be more careful and conscious of how we conduct ourselves.

Chatting with the boss

The head of operations, CEO and whatever names we have for them, is also a human being. Human beings need others to survive. They need someone to talk to and someone to share their insights. Work up the courage to invite him or her for coffee. Open up topics that aren’t personal and are sure to capture his or her attention. It’s important to pay attention and be absorbed in the conversation. Feigning interest will make it seem like sucking up to the boss.

These eight things are what we call common sense, but we still forget to do them. An efficient way to remember these activities is to add them to our to-do list. That way, we keep our sanity and improve our well-being while in the workplace.