Wandering to different places, be it as reachable as Makati or as far as Cebu gives some sense of independence and liberation within yourself. Traveling itself makes someone feel good. Going to various locations definitely take time, but it’s worth it once you’ve reached your goal destination.

Before you hop on a plane or a bus, have you assessed if you are travel ready? Let us move farther from Ayala Center Makati if you are residing in the Metro and see if you are up for some trips this new year. We created a short list to guide you with that:

Things to pack

Travelling locally or internationally, you have to pack well, and it means lightly. Sure, having baggage allowance is an advantage, and it should not be your problem. But if you want to be more practical, you should opt to pack the essentials alone. You do not want to carry a bag or luggage that is as heavy as your cabinet, right? Also, do not forget to familiarize yourself with the airport rules about bringing specific materials (i.e. liquids and bottles).

Here are some of the things that you should always carry wherever you may go this year:


If you are staying in a hotel or a place where it provides toiletries, then you’re good to go. A few things are off on your list to bring. But if not, make sure that you have soap, shampoo, and a towel. If possible, add up lotion, alcohol or hand sanitizer in your list. Bringing large one is not advisable as it is quite heavy. Invest in a fiber type towel – aside from it is light, it absorbs water well.


Before you put all of your favorite clothes, remind yourself of how long you are going to be out. Pack only the necessary stuff. If you can wash some clothes and reuse, it is much better. Nevertheless, bringing an extra pair of shirt and shorts, including your underwear is a must.


If you are traveling outside of the country and you will be using a different currency, make sure that you have your money changed. There are available money changers in airports, but others advise to have your cash changed in other shops as it will have better value. Moreover, if you are going out on a travel season like summer or school breaks, some money changers in the airports run out of different currency due to demand.

Adding more into that, note that you should always have a safe amount of money to finance your trip. An emergency amount of 500 pesos or higher and its equivalent, depends on what you need, should be in your pocket, under your phone casing or wherever that is hidden. It is a precaution just in case you leave your wallet or worse it is stolen. At least you won’t cry and be lost in the middle of nowhere.

Extra bag

An extra bag does not mean you have to bring another large luggage. It can be a convertible hand or tote bag, or something that is enough to carry stuff that you will be buying or taking with you to home.


Like what people say, it is better to be safe than sorry. Though if you are going to a renowned travel destination like Boracay or Baguio, Thailand or Japan, it wouldn’t be hard for you to get a place to stay on the spot. However, if you know that your target area is quite challenging to find suitable accommodation, ready yourself. You can also ask help and assistance from your friends or colleagues.

Another tip, communicate with your provider as soon as you can. Confirm the details of your trip and stay. Maybe they have complimentary services you can avail or whatnot.


Traveling doesn’t have to be thoroughly planned especially if you are looking for some adventure or suggestions from locals. Nevertheless, having a simple itinerary won’t hurt your plan. It gives more life or structure with your trip, and you won’t feel lost. Also, do not hesitate to cross out or add some to your plan. Welcome change and spontaneity as well.

Awareness and knowledge

We’re almost there, and you believe that you are ready to travel this year! But how knowledgeable are you about the place you are going to visit? Maximize your Internet and check the following information about your destination:

  • Climate and weather of your visit
  • Traditions and practices you should know
  • Main language(s)
  • Currency and cost of living
  • Electricity outlet
  • Suggested places to visit and activities to do

So make a checklist and see if you are travel ready for this 2018! Preparing for your next trip will be an easy task for you as soon as you master these things. Just note that you do not need to go gaga over being ready. Again, welcome change and spontaneity. Have fun!