In the recent years, guest blogging is rising in its popularity among the masses in the internet, and is taking several hits from the guest blogging enthusiasts. The very reasons for the guest blogging among the bloggers may vary based on their requirement. Some may do it to get links to their site or blog, to raise the awareness of their content among the content seekers, and to increase the traffic to their site or blog.

But, for guest blogging to become successful, the first and foremost step is to find the right website that offers guest blogging opportunity to you. The websites that offer guest blogging services may differ in their availability of features to the guest bloggers. Like, some may have a good number of readers on their website, and some websites may have a lot of discussions going on in the comments sections of the posts, and some websites may have the content being shared to several other places on the internet.

Hence, depending on the requirement of your website or blog, one may decide about the website for their guest blogging. The below mentioned 9 free different ways will help you in finding the right website for your guest blogging opportunities.

“Contributor to” section on Google+

Now, almost all blogger are having their Google+ account to display their internet skills and activities they are into. When you visit a Google+ profile of one of your influential blogger, look into their “contributor to” section to find their websites or blogs where they blog now or in th past.


Twitter is another such source where you can find all relevant information about your influential blogger. Using allmytweets.net website, you can find the guest posts of your influential blogger, and find out some websites offering guest blogging services.

RSS Feeds

Using the “Instant RSS Feed Search” option, you can search for websites that have a large number of rss subscribers based on the search results of your niche/keyword that you have given. Then, you can search on Google, whether the website with large number of subscribers offers the guest blogging service or not.

Inpostauthor query

If you have created a list of your influential bloggers, then you can use this search option in Google search to find out, all the blog post of your influential blogger.

Blog Comments

In the comments section of your blog or website also you can find the websites of your influencers, by reading their comments on your posts.

Forum Profiles

The forum member and many Q&A sites have their own blog. This is another way through which you can decide on your guest blogging opportunity.


If you know of a particular website that offers guest blogging, then you can search for other similar sites where the your influential blogger has blog posts, by simply searching for the mentions of the blog post in other websites, through a Google query.

About us

The “about us” section of your influencer’s website may also offer you an insight into their social profiles and their blogging activities.

Twitter Lists

Many people save their influential bloggers and other profiles, by creating lists on their Twitter account. This is also one better place to find out many guest blogging opportunities.