When the Brass Monkey comes to town, things in the mobile realm change. This is best described as a new way to play mobile games on your smartphone‘s browser. It is a fresh idea and has plenty of potential. Get a closer look at the Brass Monkey way of doing mobile gaming here in this quick article. 

A New Way To Game On A Smartphone 

The minds at Brass Monkey have been working overtime and they have come up with a new form of mobile gaming. If you can imagine your Wii controller being your smartphone, you are thinking along the right track for the Brass Monkey controller. The browser in the smartphone becomes the tool that contains the Dpad. The browser of the smartphone combined with the touch screen properties of the display converts the smartphone into a game controller. The display to play on can be a computer monitor, a compatible television, kiosks and even billboards. Multi player setups are already being used as you read this. 

How Does Brass Monkey Work? 

Brass Monkey converts a Firefox, Safari or Chrome browser into a game controller. The accelerometer inside the smartphone is used to turn the game just as if it was being played on the mobile device. For example, “Stree Driftng” can be played by using the browser and turning the smartphone while watching the larger screen in front of you. The games that can be played with the Brass Monkey apps are “Monkey Volleyball“, “Monkey Golf“, zombie shooters, racing games and “Gnop Gnop“. That last one is a multi player three dimensional version of “Pong“.  Let’s take a look at this video.

The Money Has Been Rolling In 

The people at Brass Monkey have gotten the attention of a few donors. They recently were the recipients of $750,000 dollars from a mixed group of donors. They are Adam Miller, Steve Garfield, Nicole Stata from Boston Seed Capital, and also a member of the Boston CommonAngels, Michael Dornbrook. 

The Major Mobile Platforms Are Supported 

The popular mobile operating systems are supported with the Brass Monkey app. The iTunes and Android markets will both have their own versions of this mobile game controller in them. Playing is not going to be complicated to setup with the app. The developers created the app to automatically recognize what it is downloaded in to. All the player has to do is launch the program and start playing games. The price for the Brass Monkey app is just right. It is free.