Are you planning on buying a drone for yourself? Well, then you definitely need to find out which is the right drone for you. There are a plethora of drones that are available in the market and each drone has its very own purpose and use. Depending on your use for the drone, you will have to select one in accordance. Drones can be used for recreational purposes, professional uses and photography and videography purposes. Once you’re clear about why you want the drone, sourcing the correct one out will become a lot easier.

Drone Budget And Pricing

As mentioned earlier, drones are available for a variety of different purposes and use. The average pricing of drones ranges from US$ 100 to US$ 1000 and above. If you’re planning on purchasing a drone for yourself, you need to figure out your budget for the same. Now keep in mind that the budget that you have shouldn’t only include purchase cost but should also include costs of repairs and damage if any. There are high chances that your drone may crash into a tree or a pole or any other unexpected obstacles while you’re navigating it. If that happens and parts need to be replaced or the drone requires repair, you need to take those costs into consideration too.

Purposes That The Drone Can Be Used For

Drones can be used for a variety of purposes. These include:

  • Often drones are purchases for recreational purposes. They are like toys but for the big boys. People purchase drones to have drone races with friends, to navigate the drone around for fun and so on.
  • Drones are now becoming a common gadget amongst professional photographers and movie makers. Drones with cameras or drones that have the option of allowing the user to fit his own camera are available. These drones are flown over uncharted territories and places where reaching by foot may be a hassle. Professional photographers and videographers are able to capture the most breathtaking images and videos thanks to these camera drones.
  • Farmers are now using drones to keep a check on the yield. Due to the drones, farmers are able to keep track of areas of the farming land that have a low yield. Once these areas of low yield are identified, the farmers are able to provide additional care and maintenance to those areas to improve the yield.
  • Drones are often used by disaster management agencies when a city or town has been affected gravely by a natural disaster. With the help of the drones, the disaster management teams are able to track down victims who may be trapped. The drones also make it easy for the volunteers to assess the damage that has taken place in the surroundings.
  • Media and news channel organisations often use drones to reach out to locations that are inaccessible like war zones. The drones are flown over such locations to capture images and videos of the surroundings. Using drones makes it safer for journalists and prevents them from getting caught in any kind of crossfire of the war.

Features To Look Out For In A Drone

Irrespective of your purpose for buying a drone, there are certain features that you need to look out for in the drone that you wish to purchase. Buying a drone without these basic features will only end up being a waste of money. Let’s discuss these features:

  • GPS – Buying a drone without the GPS feature would be a silly mistake. When you’re navigating your drone through a densely populated city, or you’re flying the object through a forest that has thick foliage, there are chances that your drone may crash into a tree or object and fall. In such cases, you would require GPS on the drone to be able to easily locate the drone and retrieve it. If you don’t have GPS on your drone, you will have to manually look for the drone and there are high chances that you may never retrieve it.
  • Wi-Fi And Bluetooth Connection – When purchasing a drone, you need to make sure that it has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow you to sync your drone to your computer or laptop and capture live feeds on your screen.

Distance And Length At Which You Want To Fly Your Drone

Another thing to take into consideration before you finalize a drone is the distance and length at which you wish to fly the gadget. If you’re looking to fly your drone to short distances then you can opt for a smaller sized drone. Small drones have small batteries and hence a shorter battery life too. On the other hand, if you’re looking to fly your drone for long distances and to capture HD quality videos and photos, then you should opt for a larger sized drone that will have a long-lasting battery life.

Drones And Military Uses

Up until recent times, drones were used solely for military purposes. The military forces of countries used these gadgets to keep a check on the borders and to ensure that enemy forces do not infiltrate the border. Drones were also used to survey areas that were affected by bomb blasts and shootings. Victims who were trapped in such areas could be identified through the drones and help could be sent out to them.

Drones For Travel Blogs

Thanks to the introduction of commercial drones, people are now being able to make amazing travel videos and post them on their travel blogs. The drones are able to capture gorgeous aerial views of cities and landscapes. HD quality photos are also captured by drones that are then posted by travellers on travel websites and social media pages. When purchasing a drone for travel purposes, make sure that you opt for a drone that allows you to fit your own professional camera. You can get drones with preinstalled cameras too but they won’t provide you with the kind of HD quality videos and photos you’re looking to capture.