SEO marketing finally got matured in 2013. With more than 500 changes in Google algorithm per year, it was difficult for some people to keep pace with these innovations and they got confused and frustrated, but at the same time, it provided great clarity for others.

The change in SEO market means that- the traditional SEO mindset had moved from keyword centric methodologies to content centric and key revenue based strategies.

Google make 100% of search keyword data in September finally insisted SEO marketers to rethink about their strategies. Some people failed to identify the trends while others took a great innovative leap into the world of secure search.

In 2014 we will see a new content and page centric SEO, which I called as “Secure search platform”. This platform enables you to match your SEO and content marketing strategies and results in measurable business outcomes.

2013 is the year, SEO changed forever. The focus on content started a long time ago but the Google’s Hummingbird update has rubber stamped the need to focus on quality content marketing.

The new Secure search Platform: 2014

Adapting the changes and shift in SEO market needs is the new direction in SEO. Here are the four truths about secured search that you can use as a guide to formulate your SEO strategies in 2014.

Analytics the great source of truth:

Secure search has changed our way of thinking about SEO. In 2014, SEO reporting needs a shift to measure real business metrics. This includes measuring traffic, revenue and conversions.


  1. The best way to manage your SEO programs is to make your pages the center of SEO world.
  2. In order to do this, fetch the actual data from your web analytics.
  3. Prioritize your work according to the situation of your web traffic, conversions and revenue.

Ranking still matters:

In the year 2013, the meaning and focus on rank has changed rapidly. The concurrence of earned and paid media was also reflected in search engine results pages. But, now the integration of social, search, local and global and the growth of use of mobiles, has totally changed the way the content appeared in Search engine results pages. But still ranking matters in 2014


  1. In 2014, it is necessary to focus on accurate ranking report in 2014 rather than focusing on general ranking reports that do not take robust methodology, traffic spikes and drops in account.
  2. You have to also ensure that you measure rank and performance according to the types of devices. It has been found in research that the rank and conversions vary dramatically on phones, desktops and tablets.

Web Page and content are the center of the whole SEO universe:

It is necessary that, that the approaches to content you follow in 2014 is done in the Hummingbird way. Content is only the thing that attracts visitors, bring conversions and revenue. The most effective way to manage the SEO programs in 2014 to make your pages the center of word in 2014 are as follows:

Tips :

  1. Analyze like a SEO and think like a content marketer.
  2. Analyze your data at page level in 2014
  3. Set up & report on individual as well as group pages total performance.

All data is relevant and related:

In the coming year 2014, you will have to utilize an opulent set of data sources to ensure that your content and SEO is performing efficiently. This secure search bought challenge for some but great opportunities for many. The opportunity develops itself in the analytical integration and the way you connect to the search, content and social media.


  1. Utilize your data from multiple data sources
  2. Make sure that you make use of data from Google webmaster tools so as to restore partial keyword visibility.
  3. Build comprehensive dashboards that accumulate all, keyword, rank, social & content data in one place and you have to do this at both local and global level.


It is true that the old habits are difficult to die and especially in SEO. But adapting to change is important for the marketers in SEO industry to follow in 2014.