Are you tired of taking notes during a meeting or conference and are looking for alternatives instead? So here is the wonderful app for your iPad that can record the voice and enable you to take the notes in a most hassle free manner. You can also use a stylus for this purpose to link your voice recording with your handwritten notes. This will save a considerable amount of time and effort and will make your notes almost an error free one. One can get the app from the Apple store. This app will also work wonderfully with an iPhone just like it does in case of an iPad.

Support Many Languages For The Convenience Of The User

Support Many Languages

The app named AudioNote is a brilliant one and supports many languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish etc so that it can have a wide reach among the iPad users. By synchronizing your notes and audio, the application helps in a major way to take the notes in class, lectures and even in meetings. The support of many languages is a major feature of this great application. You can playback the audio to have a grab of the notes later on.

An Indispensible Tool For Your Business

AudioNote is gaining huge popularity among the business fraternity due to its unique features. Developed by Luminant Software, the app enables businessmen to record the audio and thus saves them from the process of taking long notes. They can always playback the audio to their seniors to show them the perfect recorded notes taken during a meeting. They can also share the notes via email feature available with this iPad app. If screenshots are to be believed the entire process encompass seemless activity of recording an audio and then playback and then at the last sharing of the notes.

The process of sharing the notes is an easy one and the first step towards this is plugging the device into a computer and to start iTunes. Now in iTunes, you should click on your device in the left hand side. The next step is to choose the apps tab and click on it. It should be scrolled to the bottom so that you can have a view of the AudioNoteapp. This will appear under the file sharing and selecting it will give you an access to your listed notes. Now you can just save the files on your desktop and can transfer them later through email.

The perfect synchronization is achieved through this app and recording is indeed very easy. While recording an audio, you can always have the view of the recording status just beneath the recording volume. You can also press the pause button to put a halt on the recording. It is also possible to edit the text entered by you later on just like editing is done in a standard note application. The best part is that AudioNote also supports the copy paste feature. You can also hide the keyboard at your own free will.