There’s really not much to say about the process of sending corporate Christmas Ecards in bulk. You pick your ecards from Katies Cards or a similar website, you add in the email addresses of everyone that you want to send them to, and you hit send.

There are some things you can do to make the process easier, particularly when you are sending corporate Christmas ecards to hundreds and hundreds of recipients. For example, you can manage your contacts list so it’s easy to extract email addresses where relevant – and therefore easier to input all the email addresses into the website you are using.

Inputting huge numbers of addresses can become time consuming and fraught with the possibility for mistakes. You may be able to interrogate your contacts database in such a way that you get a list of email addresses, which can be copied and pasted – though even here, you can find that the existence of return characters prevents the site from reading them properly, in which case you need to do it manually.

Christmas Ecards

Some sites, for instance, require that you separate each email address with a comma or a semi colon. If your database extraction doesn’t do this for you, you either need to work out how – or get someone to input the data line by line, with the correct separation between each one.

When you pick ecards from Katies Cards you also need to be sure you are sending images and messages that are appropriate to your clients, your partners and your other corporate greetings card recipients. Personalising the cards is more about finding the right message to send to a large number of people than it is about sending messages that ring true with individuals – so you can send a “thank you for all your hard work” message to any freelancers and partners you have; and a “thank you for all your business” message to your clients and customers.

Picking appropriate images can be the trickiest part of all. Christmas is, after all, a religious festival – but not everyone on your contacts database is going to want religious imagery in their ecard. It is wisest to choose images that have a traditional connotation without being overtly religious – robins and reindeer, or snowy village scenes.

When you choose ecards from Katies Cards, you are able to search by category, This makes the process of finding Christmas cards much easier. Simply navigate to the Christmas cards section, look around for images that have the right corporate feel or neutral Christmas message, and collate your contacts lists accordingly.

You can save plenty of time and money by sending ecards from Katies Cards rather than sending paper and card in the mail. The biggest saving you make, though, is for the environment. No more card and paper means fewer trees being cut down. No more postage means no fuel being used to deliver your Christmas greeting.

In a world where environmental considerations are paramount, sending ecards from Katies Cards can be an excellent way to show your credentials.