It’s not an exaggeration to say that ever since they arrived on the scene in the 1970s, video games have taken the world by storm. They’ve been particularly popular with children, teens and young adults, but even many adults have an absolute blast while playing video games. Why? Here are some of the biggest reasons:

They Offer A Challenge

Video games present a challenge to players in ways other popular media cannot. If you want to win and finish the game, you have to be decently skilled at it or practice significantly. If you fail a level or a mission, or lose a boss battle, you must have the determination to try again and again until you succeed. Many players enjoy the challenges and the good feelings that come from conquering them. This is beneficial for kids too – it teaches them to keep trying something until they get it right, or try different approaches, both of which are important for success in real life.

They Let You Decide

Video games are one of the few mediums that are able to offer a truly interactive experience, and more and more games are taking advantage of this fact. For example, in many games the outcome of the story depends on your actions throughout the game, and you can get multiple different endings. You can experience the story differently every time you play, which makes video games a lot of fun to revisit again and again.

They Provide A Social Outlet

With the advent and normalization of online gaming and multiplayer modes, video games are no longer a solitary activity. You have the ability to play with your friends or other players across the globe in real time. In recent years, Let’s Plays, where players play through games on video sites like YouTube for informative or comedic purposes, and live broadcasting such as with sites like Twitch, have become increasingly popular. There are even sites like VideoGameBroadcasts.com that offer viewers a video game equivalent of watching major sporting events.

There’s Something For Everyone

Video games have come a long way from the early days of Pac-Man and Pong. Now, there are literally video games in all genres to fit all play styles, from romantic visual novels to action-based first-person shooters to fantasy role playing and realistic sports games. That means that no matter what a child is interested in or their gaming ability, there are games out there they can play and enjoy. With the explosion of indie games on platforms like Steam, even more variety has entered the mix.

As they’ve matured and changed since their inception, video games have continued to gain popularity among children and adults alike. Because they are challenging, interactive and have something for everyone, it’s not hard to see why they have become such a big hit with the younger generations.