Businesses that maintain physical presences or even warehouses need to ensure that they are properly prepared before autumn and winter hit. Without proper precautions, they could find themselves with unattractive storefronts, high heating costs, leaks and other issues. These cooler months bring with them more than just cooler temperatures. They may bring rapid temperatures fluctuations, ice, wind and blowing dirt. If you are a small or large business owner, you will want to consider the following five last-minute housekeeping tasks before autumn hits in earnest.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Before temperatures go too far below 50 or 60 degrees and certainly before they get close to freezing levels, you should clean your outdoor spaces. Blast dirt away from siding, stone and bricks with a pressure washer from a company like Ben’s Cleaner Sales, which is an excellent budget-friendly investment. Windows should preferably be cleaned at temperatures higher than 60 degrees to reduce streaking on the glass.

Empty out Warehouses

This is also an excellent time to clear out your warehouse if you maintain high product levels. Soon you will be getting inventory for the holidays and will need plenty of space. Clear out your summer merchandise by offering deep discounts and take this time to check your warehouse space closely for issues and to give it a good cleaning as well.

Check the Roof and Gutters

Head up to your roof if possible to check for holes as well as for loose or worn shingles that may need to be replaced before the winter. Hire a gutter-cleaning business to remove leaves and residue from your gutters. Gutter buildup can lead to water and ice backup in the winter and spring.

Get an Annual Furnace Inspection

Checking to make sure that everything is all right with your furnace or boiler is a smart choice before temperatures drop. You certainly do not want to be caught at the last minute finding out that you have no heat. Plus, heating technicians become increasingly busy once winter arrives.

Insulate Pipes

Take a look around your basement, lower floor or outdoors where your business may have pipes that are exposed to the cold. Ensuring that each pipe is thoroughly insulated can help save you money later from burst pipes. While you are in the basement, check for cracks that could be undermining your foundation or letting in cold air.

Fall is an excellent time to check your business for cleanliness and heat retention because the weather is often nice enough to let you work outdoors comfortably. Spread out these tasks over the next few weeks. Once winter hits, you and your employees and customers can be snug and dry while working inside without fear of leaks, cold or high energy bills.