Nikon cameras are known for their masterful craftsmanship and performance oriented nature. Over the decades, Nikon has been a market spinner with its cutting edge technology and design. Nikon digital camera combines these vital elements and manages to hold them in a compact form.

Nikon is one of the most popular camera manufacturers in the photography industry today. Nikon is headquartered at Tokyo, Japan and has numerous exclusive outlets across the globe. Nikon has proved its mettle in all spheres of photography. You have SLR cameras, DSLR professional cameras and also compact digital cameras in the market.

Launched in 1959, Nikon camera have ruled the markets since its inception decades ago. Nikon launched the F-series, which was an unconventional deviation from the Zeiss lenses popular at that point in time. The F-series were the first of its kind. They were embedded with single-lens reflex which ruled the realm of professional cameras.

Nikon COOLPIX A digital cameraNikon has one camera for every photographer on the block. Nikon Coolpix  digital camera  is a classy digicam for amateur photographers. It features simple point-and-shoot technology which makes it an easy gadget for those who like to indulge into photography for pleasure. DSLR cameras are Nikon’s forte but they come with heavy paraphernalia and bulky equipment. Nikon Coolpix cameras let you enjoy photography without much of a hassle.

Coolpix has an impressive 16.2 megapixel camera in the DX-format CMOS, which so far was a DSLR feature. For the very first time, a digicam has been embedded with superior quality features. The 18.55 mm lens retracts completely, which complements the concise nature of the camera.

The Coolpix picture quality is of the DSLR level as it measures up to ISO 6400, which can further be set to ISO 25600 equivalent. The smart sensor lets you shoot and capture images in low light conditions. Not every day is a good day to shoot, but Nikon ensures that your quest for photography does not go in vain owing to bad weather conditions.

Nikon Coolpix camera features a custom made retractable lens 18.5 mm (28mm in 35mm [135] format equivalent) f/2.8 NIKKOR lens that promises brilliant picture quality. You can have a variety of focus options, ranging from intentional front focus to rear focus, which enables you to have versatile imaging options.

For better quality images, you can use the RAW (NEF) format. The RAW format is richer in resolution and provides sharper images, than JPEG images. Coolpix employs an optical low-pass filter for accurate and sharp images. When you review your pictures, you can relive every moment all over again. It is as though the picture brings back to life those moments again.

Order the Nikon COOLPIX A digital camera online through any e-commerce website. Once you are sure of your choice of camera, you can simply place the order as you sit back and relax while the camera gets delivered at your doorstep.