There’s no doubt about it – JavaScript rules! Game developers are now using web technologies like HTML5 and WebGL to create the coolest and most groundbreaking games. There’s almost no need for Flash, and the end result is surprisingly good. The games are fun, interactive, thoughtful, and challenging to say the least. Have a closer look at the following games built with web technologies, and let them rock your world.

Free Rider HD

This fabulous web technology game was crafted with HTML5. In the game, you must race various tracks on a bike; these tracks were drawn by others, so you can imagine that they’re not really the easiest paths; some are actually quite smartly built. With thousands of tricky tracks at your disposal, Free Rider HD is an interactive game you can’t miss out on.


Sketchout is an alluring arcade game where players must protect the planet. They must destroy the opposition by deflecting meteors. After taking charge of the Breakout-style paddle, their mission will be to advance and surpass as many levels as possible. Sketchout has the most mesmerizing visuals and background music; you’ll be hooked for hours as soon as you hit play.


Amazing 3D tower-defense web tech game; players must collect resources, built their bases and complete all sorts of quests. These quests are paramount because they’re packed with fabulous achievements. Collect fighting gear to protect yourself against vicious enemies, and use your imagination to build the most impenetrable walls and towers. Use your shotgun to wipe out ferocious Ferals, and hunt them down.


2048 is a type of game that creates addiction. It is also available on Android and iOS, but it can also be played on the web. Players must move numbered tiles and merge them together in the hopes of multiplying them. The more you merge the higher chances you have to reach 2048 and win. It sounds like the easiest game, but you’ll be amazed of the difficulties it poses as you advance further.

The Wizard

The Wizard is a fabulous turned-based RPG action game. All you have to do is fight vicious monsters and search for magic spells to help you retrieve your face. That’s right – in this game players are faceless wizards. This cool dungeon crawler has the most interesting and inventive combat mechanics. They’re not that simple to beat, so you should position yourself in the most strategic way if you want to outwit fierce enemies.

Game of Bombs

Game of Bombs is looks more like an old-fashioned RPG. Nevertheless, it’s pretty interesting. Players are in charge of collecting achievements, skins and power-ups, and become an experienced bomberman. The whole action takes place on a map; watch out as there are many enemy players lurking around and waiting to annihilate you.

Olympia Rising

In this action platformer players take charge of Iola, a woman with a second chance at life. Featuring mesmerizing retro-style graphics, Olympia Rising is an HTML5 action game you’ll instantly adore. The action happens in Ancient Greece, and you must work really hard to escape the deadly world you’re currently living in order to win your right to a normal life once again.

Pixel Race

One of the simplest HTML5 game is Pixel Race. And yet, it does have something special that grabs attention – fine frame rates and a cool gameplay. Players take charge of a vehicle, and they must drive it with extremely precision. Their main goal is to surpass all kinds of obstacles and collect points.

There are numerous other games built with web technologies you can try out. Make up Games 365 for example, is a platform with lots of amazing titles you should try out. Let HTML5 and JavaScript amaze you, and give these games a chance.