Sharing and storing large amounts of data online has become much easier with the widespread use of Portable Document Format (PDF) files. When looking for information online resources, you will find that a vast majority of them will provide you with the information in this file format.

The problem with these files is that you can’t manipulate them so that you can use them for other purposes. This is only possible if you have software to convert the PDF files to a format that you can use. This software can be expensive and this is where PDFburger.com comes in.

You can easily convert PDF files into an easy to manipulate format by logging onto www.pdfburger.com.With PDF Burger you can:

Convert different file formats into PDF

The website provides you with a simple and innovative way to convert your files into PDF. There is no need to download any special software to your hard disk. You can therefore save lots of space on your hard disk and still have your files in a format that is easy to share.

The online converter can convert different types of files including Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Text-processing files.

Convert your PDF files into Word files

Software for converting PDF files to Microsoft Word files is often expensive. Software that is cheap often doesn’t provide high quality results. You can now get high quality results at an affordable price with PDFburger.com.

PDF Burger identifies the many complex elements within the document including hyperlinks, columns, layout and multi-language text. The conversion of your files will therefore preserve the formatting of the original document. Footers and headers are automatically detected and tables in Excel or Word are converted logically to ensure that the original format and structure are retained. No data is lost during the conversion.

Combine or merge different formats

The website provides simple waysto merge and combine different file formats into a single PDF file. This means that if you are preparing a presentation that involves the use of files that are in different formats, you can combine all of them to provide a professional single file presentation. This is especially useful for sharing information online or when pressed for time. It ensures that those viewing the information can access it from a single file.

Save your web pages as a PDF document

You can convert webpages and save them as PDF files. The procedure for doing this is quite simple on pdfburger.com. You simply need the URL link to the web page that contains the content that you would like to save. The content on the page will be converted in a logical manner to PDF file format. This means that the integrity of the information and layouts will be preserved throughout the conversion process.

Convert your PDF files to JPG files

You can convert PDF files back to JPG file formats on PDFBurger.com. The online converter will ensure that the high resolution, formatting and structure of the images are preserved. The result is a JPG file of high visual quality.

There are many other amazing things you can do with your files on PDFBurger.com.