It is mandatory to stay systematic while doing keyword research as that would rule out any loss of keywords due to oversight. Grouping Amazon keywords into two separate categories would be effective in making you stay meticulous and systematic. Keywords are grouped into two distinct categories that include primary keywords and secondary keywords and these would help you in searching systematically and meticulously.  You need to look for both primary, as well as, secondary keywords along with their relevant combinations. You could then consider including them in your product listing. You could now have access to a host of techniques and even tools for identifying a host of relevant keywords one step at a time. Here are a few techniques to locate relevant keywords for Amazon.

Personal Experience

It is a wise idea to get a first-hand experience. Putting yourself in your client’s shoes could pay in the long run. You could devote some time wondering when would your customers purchase your product, what types of questions would they have and what type of items would they purchase, instead, of your products. Apart from thinking about the keywords which occur in your mind, you should click around Facebook or Reddit groups for seeing what people are discussing regarding your product. They could be using a brand name and not a generic name. Moreover, you may locate an acronym or abbreviation which is most commonly and frequently used in the group or the community.

Amazon Autocomplete

Amazon could itself be used for thorough keyword research. If you go about tapping a few letters right into the Amazon search box, some products would be appearing automatically as suggestions. This autocomplete function certainly is not generated arbitrarily but it essentially provides you with some legitimate keywords. This method would be requiring a lot of patience and a tremendous amount of refinement. However, go slow and stick to being systematic. Moreover, the suggested categories would be giving you an idea regarding the other categories where your product could be listed in, for being visible to even more shoppers.

Keyword Research Tools

If you are having more than a single product line, you could effectively use an Amazon tool. It is a keyword research tool that assists you effectively with Amazon SEO. You could use any free and competent Amazon keyword research tool. There is a wonderful Amazon keyword research tool that would be assisting you at the initial stages of the keyword research by you, for instance, during the brainstorming stage. You just simply need to enter a number of keywords initially and allow the tool to come up with more appropriate suggestions. Choose the keywords that you prefer and like. Include them in your precise list of keywords for getting suggestions. This would further result in the generation of more keywords by the tool.

Amazon’s Related Items

The basic thinking behind this is that customers who intend to buy shoe cleaning products will invariably buy shoe brushes at the same time. Hence, it wouldn’t be unnatural for you to sneak it into your listing rather discretely so that it shows up when relevant.

Do not forget that your product would be displayed for search terms which are included in your bullet points, backend and even product description. You could consider doing this in case there is some additional space for keywords. Your key strategy must necessarily be to cover all those keywords which describe your product, misspellings, synonyms etc.


Thanks to your research, you would be having a wonderful list of Amazon keywords which would be covering all relevant customer queries. The list containing your top keywords which are most frequently searched, should be reaching a maximum number of customers. You should also maintain a list containing secondary keywords that could be included for boosting the number of attainable clients. This list could effectively be used for both ranking optimization and keyword optimization.