Do you shop online? Have you ever heard about Amazon? Well, Amazon is an American company that is concerned with electronic buying and selling of goods. Recently, they have also embraced cloud computing to give individuals and businesses astounding storage technology.

Amazon is the leading retail outlet in the world. Initially, they only sold books but now they have extended their sales to other products. The company has different websites in various countries, which helps to lower their delivery cost.

Technology is Key

Amazon was ranked the best retailer in the world in 2015 beating its chief rival Walmart. Being a company that is flexible and open to new technologies, they are always out there releasing new products and services tailored to suit their customer needs.

Jeff Bezos found Amazon in 1994. Over the years, it has repeatedly performed better with regards to profit and revenue. Currently, it is one of the biggest companies in the world. Their website attracts over 600 million visits per year. As the company continues to embrace technology to produce new stuff and open new subsidiaries, its growth continues at a startling rate.

If you are a smartphone user, Amazon has some mobile technology for you. They have developed an app to help you browse through catalogues to look for what you want. You can also shop by department and check out for great deals using the same app! As if that is not enough, you can review and share products with your friends using the same app. Wow!

Now if you are using Amazon for your digital storage, they have another app for you, Amazon Drive. The app gives you easy access to your documents, photos and videos that you have stored in the cloud. Your documents remain secure even after you have lost your device or it is damaged. You can imagine how stressful it is to lose important documents. If you have ever been in such a mess, Amazon should be your friend.

Customer service is their DNA

Their customer service is amazing. You can contact them whenever you have a problem. For quick service, you should call the Amazon UK customer service number and someone will be waiting on the other end to speak to you. Some of the reasons you might want to call them include:

  • You ordered an item and it has not been delivered
  • To register your complains about a buyer or a seller
  • You received a damaged product
  • Your account has problems
  • To report any fraud on your account

For users who are unfamiliar with shopping platforms, Amazon has developed a Copilot for you. To enjoy its services, you need to contact the company and request them to activate it. They will help you through the shopping. With time, you will get familiar with the shopping platforms and be able to navigate without assistance.

Amazon has revolutionized online shopping through technology in a way that was never thought before. Check it out!