For years, gamers who choose to play games on the pc had to run a windows based operating system on their computer. A few years ago, pc game developer Valve, appeared ready to offer a solution, once and for all. Valve was going to throw its support behind the open source software operating system, Linux. Valve stated that the company would bring its Steam platform to the system. Many thought that this move would be the ultimate counter to a window’s monopoly on operating systems for gamers. Sure there is Apple’s OS, but it’s not getting much, in the way of support, from pc game developers. So gamers everywhere were really excited by the news. But then, not much has changed or happened to live up to the initial hype of the announcement.

But that’s not to say that all is bad for gamers on Linux. These gamers have been gifted with one of the scariest, most terrifying games available on the market. It is no wonder that a game that’s this good is the most popular on a platform that has very few users compared to other competing platforms. This game has it all. In Amnesia The Dark Descent, players are tasked with roaming around a really big castle filled with monsters and puzzles at each turn. The further the player descends into the castle, the more gruesome and terrifying the game becomes. Amnesia offers a first person perspective, with standard mouse and keyboard controls. Players have to find items and solve problems to advance in the game, all while trying to stay alive and solve the mystery surrounding the game.


The graphics on this version of Amnesia The Dark Descent, Haunted places, are just as top notch as other versions of the game. The monsters are very detailed and the environment is well detailed with moss growing on the walls and bloodstains that look fresh. The game can be a little dark, so you may want to adjust the brightness a little higher than the developer recommends. Don’t be afraid of this slight tweak, it doesn’t take away from the game at all.

The sounds of the game are just as well executed as the graphics. Every creak of a door or footsteps that don’t belong to the player can run chills up and down the hardiest of spines. It is recommended that this game be played with the headphones turned up, and in the dark. Amnesia offers a very detailed sound field, meaning that there is no doubt about which direction a sound is coming from. This makes it easy to rip the headphones off your head, due to how insanely scary the sounds of the game can be.


Once Amensia was announced for Linux, it was easy to see that this game would quickly become popular for the platform. And it is for the above reasons, that this game is able to be labeled as the most popular horror game on Linux. By the way, it’s also the scariest! Happy Gaming!


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