What is epilepsy? It is a problem in the electrical system of the brain and seizures or fits are part of it. There is a chance of disruption in the activity levels of the brain as it could lead to changes in movement, awareness or feeling. As far as the seizures are concerned it could last from a few seconds to varying minutes. This could occur at any point of time in life, but it is more common in the age group of 5 to 19 years. If you are an individual who has gone on to have seizures without any prominent symptoms in less than 24 hours, you are suffering from epilepsy.

With regards to the treatment, epilepsy surgery works out to be a most common form of treatment. For a patient who is prone to persistent seizures, this is a welcome source of treatment. This is in spite of the required trials or the use of drugs. In terms of the effectiveness of this form of surgery is concerned it does depend upon the stage and type of epilepsy you find yourself at. The main aim of the surgery would be to eradicate or remove the seizures. This goes on to remove the abnormal part which is the main cause of the seizure. One of the main causes of their occurrence would be changes in the brain due to an injury or any type of medical disorder as well. If you have any traumatic brain injury or brain tumors the chances of this disorder increases considerably.


In order to undertake this procedure, general anesthesia is given and the course of the surgery does take 3 to 4 hours. The moment the dose is administered you do fall asleep and then the head is fixed. In the meantime, the skull is prepared for the surgery. An incision is made on top of the skull to expose it. You also go on to take the help of brain mapping.


Once the surgery happens to be over you are going to experience a headache or nausea which you can control by medications. In most cases, you would need to stay in the hospital for 3 to 4 days after the surgery. After the surgery, the sutus would be removed after 7 to 10 days. After a month or so you can return back to normal activities. But one thing which is observed is that you will be a lot fatigued once the surgery is over. It would be better not to drive and walking would be the best form of exercise. In the months after the surgery stannous activities need to be avoided at any costs. In the first year or so you will be under the dose of medicine that could be stopped in due course of time.
In terms of the epilepsy surgery cost in India, it stands to be the lowest in the world. You do get quality treatment in all the major hospitals of the country as well.