It was not many years back when the Android operating system started making waves in the mobile industry. Android was a revelation in the market upon its launching. And truly so as it still continues ruling the mobile telecom market. The Android operating system can be accessed free of cost by any developer. Also, it is extremely user-friendly because of its ope-source nature. Prior to Android, mobile operating systems like Symbian, iOS, and Windows that used to rule the mobile telecom market. However, scenarios changed rapidly with the introduction of Android. Presently, Android is considered to be the most popular and useful OS used in the mobile telecom devices. Although Apple‘s iOS still have a strong user base, but Android is not lagging much behind. Standing at a present stage, Android has a strong market share of around 80%.

The reasons behind Android being such a top app developer

It can be quite surprising to observe such enormous uprising of the Android OS in the mobile telecom market. Why has it become so popular? The main reason behind such humongous popularity of the Android OS is because of its capability to set up different innovative styles and technological advancement. In fact, Android has been able to surpass almost every type of app developers with the introduction of unique and wide variety of app development in the market.

Developing an Android-based App – The basic requirements

How can you develop an Android app? This is one of the most common questions that many asks. There are obviously certain kind of software tools required to carry out the development phase. But never get confused. The actual scenario may not be hard enough. Android is basically an open source platform that follows the Java concept. In fact, Android is often considered the most effective platform for those mobile app developers who are freshers in the industry. In fact, using the Android Software Development Kit, developing an Android App becomes easier and quite fun.

Development of Android apps – The procedures to follow

Simply use the Android Software Development Kit and get the best of apps developed. However, the user need to be proverbial with all the necessary “getting started” tasks. In fact, all those tutorials that are available in the SDK can be of immense help to access the STARTER module. After going through the instructed steps, the SDK will direct the user as to what the development process will be for developing the first application. In fact, the same tools that one needs to use for the Java app are used for the development of Android app. High quality Android apps can be developed also using the SDK. However, help from the SDK’s Library is essential for the purpose. In fact, there are many other development tools available for testing the apps.

What makes Android platform a class different from the other mobile platforms available

Android apps are developed using different range of technologies being offered by the net maestro GOOGLE. Yes, it is GOOGLE that makes Android app development truly class apart from every other technology. There are certain tools that can have tremendous importance to the developer like Wi-Fi, CDMA, GSM, GPS, EDGE, and Bluetooth. Also there are many applications that developers can edit like extreme high definition images, video, proximity sensor, accelerometer, high resolution touch screen, 3D and 2D graphics, and many more.

Android App development – Important utilities

Developer Tool Box is definitely a very important utility that can be found in the SDK’s Library. It is the Developer Tool Box that teaches the Developer to write the codes for generating all the important app features in the easiest manner. Because of the availability of widest type of codes, developer can easily configure apps as per the functioning of the apps are concerned. Yes, this process is definitely a bit more complicated, but at the same time, there is a tutorial that can be referred to understand the proceedings.

With popular smart phones line Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC Butterfly, Sony Xperia Z, and Motorola Droid, Android platform reached the peak of popularity. In fact, Android based phones are highly popular among the present generation. It is truly a great achievement for Android developers. Presently, Android Vesion 4.2 (Jelly Bean) is available in the market. News is that a more updated version of Jelly Bean is on the process. According to sources, the updated version of Jelly Bean will be released by the end of the year 2013.