We find our lives centered around our smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. We work, play, listen to music, watch movies and what not. Add shopping to the list of activities we do using our mobile devices and you get the idea of the importance of these handy things in our lives. We are here to focus on one act which is shopping and talk about it. Shopping is one important aspect of our life and each person does it for various reasons. However, when the life became mobile-centric, there was a bit of fear among people that shopping might lose its importance in shoppers’ minds. However, there were already solutions being worked on and now we have apps which help us to shop online. In this article, we will discuss about five apps that help us shop and save at the same time. We have kept Android apps our focus as the majority of smartphone users have Android-based devices.


mysmartprice-android apps
Mysmartprice is a price comparison portal which has delved into mobile business via an app. What is special about Mysmartprice is that not only does it have products lined up for purchase and the usual information related to them and their price and availability, it also has deals sorted to ensure you purchase the product that you like and end up saving lot more than just what you did when you started shopping. It is a nice way of bringing together a website dealing with offers and an online marketplace. Along with offers, Mysmartprice also shows the products on which the deals are applicable and from which online stores can you avail the offer. The app could use a bit of fine-tuning though when it runs on slower internet connections.


priceraja-android apps

Priceraja started as price-comparison website and then ventured into mobile space through an app. The Priceraja app has a minimalistic design and focuses on getting work done quick so you can shop for all your needs under one place fast. Though it lacks on product categories for now, which will be out soon, the existing categories offer a wide range of products to choose from and buy. PriceRaja not just provides you information about a product like specs but also gives information about places where you can buy it, overviews related to the product and user reviews. By default, the prices of the products are sorted in ascending order, starting from the least costly option to the priciest of the lot.


junglee-android apps

Junglee is an online marketplace which is more like a compilation of various online retail stores than a price comparison spot. The app carries forward the same concept as can be found on the website. But herein lies the difference that Junglee makes – it makes available to you not only new products that you can purchase from online retail stores, it also provides you information on used items and from where you can purchase them. Also, you can post ads for the product(s) that you wish to sell and Junglee also displays them. Junglee’s app is not as smooth as the rest on this list though but we think they are working on fixing this issue.


pricedekho-android apps

PriceDekho is the most interactive app on this list and that makes the experience of using it less frustrating. It has information related to more product categories than any other app on this list and it also makes available the relevant information related to a product to you. However, the app is a bit bland when you land on product pages. PriceDekho also provides information on cars and bikes, though you can not buy them here. However, as is with every price comparison website, you will be redirected to another source if you want to buy a product. Also, the sorting has been done vaguely and while it can be sorted via filters, it still would be helpful if the prices get sorted in either ascending or descending order(we prefer the former).


coupondunia-android apps

Coupondunia is among the few websites that are focused on handing out deals to the users. Its mobile app takes the experience even further by simplyfying the way you go about picking up deals. You can pick from a range of restaurant offers or online shopping offers. In the online shopping offers section, Coupondunia brings together a host of offers compiled from various websites and sorts them in various categories as well to avoid confusion among the users. The same is the case with restaurant offers and you can update your location to get the best deals from restaurants in your area.