In the modern tech-oriented era, you can expect everything to run off your fingertips. When it comes to cars, most of us are content with the idea of a basic dashboard and light indicators for engine trouble. Well, the complete experience of driving is about to change with Android cars in the market. Android has revolutionized the way mobile phones and tablets work. It is another extraordinary invention of Google. It is time for Android to touch yet another aspect of the daily life with Android car based computer system.

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It all may sound like a surprise, but it is possible to drive an Android car in the upcoming years. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 displayed plenty of ideas and more than hundred tech companies announced their participation in futuristic car projects, the “smart cars”. More than half a dozen automobile manufacturers displayed their state-of-art technologies for building Smart cars in the future including General Motors, Hyundai, and Ford.

Companies like Audi and BMW are using their individual operating systems for Smart cars. Audi is working with their MMI software platform which is capable of connecting with Google Earth and sync the data for GPS, as well as map navigation. Ford is working along with the Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive operating system. Saab, another automobile giant, is planning to use Android for their infotainment system. The company is planning to upgrade its IQon software and make is similar to the Android mobile systems. The driver will be able to download app and use all internet services as in their mobile counterpart.

Automobile Industry and Android

Most of the vehicles are equipped with sophisticated data systems and infotainment systems developed by their manufacturers. However, the idea of a vehicle perfectly operated with an OS is still alien to us. With the recent development in the automobile industry, sources have confirmed that most of the automobile companies are trying to use the kernel of the Android operating system. As a matter of fact, one can expect steering columns connected with a Smartphone in the near future.

What can we expect from Android Cars?


Modern infotainment systems available in the car limited to basic engine indicators and amusements features. With Android-based infotainment systems, the car will be able to perform many features. Starting with the connectivity feature, users will be able to connect this car with their Bluetooth and perform advanced functions like unlocking door, operating window mirrors, play music, and switch on the ignition. While driving, user can play internet radio apps and use social sharing services with a touch. Most of the voice commands are activated easily, and the car will offer voice alert messages.

Android operated cars will generate diagnostic reports for every single part of the car. The driver will be able to find engine speed, rpm, and diagnose any problems with the engine. The system will explain the meaning of different error codes. A driver log will be maintained including details like sudden braking, acceleration, driving habits, and fuel efficiency. The system will detect tire pressure and indicate any issue accordingly. The car OS will be able to figure out the driving patterns of the driver and suggest required fuel supplies. It will locate the best fuel stations and their price list.

Self-parking feature is another exciting part of the Android cars. The car will be able to guide the user to its current parked location. This system will work in alliance with a GPS system, and the authorized user of the car will be able to achieve this type of information. In fact, WiFiSLAM has already developed this indoor tracking system and the technological firm is acquired by Apple. Apple is planning to speed up its Smart car project and many automobile manufacturers are supporting their initiative.

Another exciting feature of Android based car is its self-driving capability. Audi displayed the pilot-driving capability of its car in the CES 2013 expo. The driver will be able to rest during traffic jams and the car will drive its way out. Further, the driver will be able to take control as per requirement. However, this feature is at least a decade away as reported by Audi officials. With the current speed of development in the automobile industry, we can expect these Smart cars to hit the roads within a decade.