Lets take a minute! Have a glance around your Surroundings..Your Home..Your workplace.We all are surrounded with Plethora of Android Users utilizing Android Apps which now-a-days plays a crucial role in gratifying oneself whether it is for playing Virtual Reality game like “Pokemon Go” or sharing, uploading & downloading files in Google Drive, Enjoying Songs, movies, Chatting,  clicking Selfies in different beautifying apps & much more.

This Android started as an experiment but continuously proving itself by making it run on every item whether it is big or small from Smart watches, Smartphones to Smart TV, Smart homes, Smart Cars etc.

These Android Apps saves precious time of its Users by launching various apps for Banking, Shopping, News Updates, Blogging, E-learning etc that can make their respective task done at One-Click.

How Android actually works in Developing Apps ?

Android allows us to build innovative apps & games in a Java Language Programming for mobile devices by providing a rich application framework.

Android Software Development:

ASD is the process where the new applications are created for AOP( Android Operating System) using the Android SDK( Software Development Kit) in Java Programming with other available developing tools like :


Fastboot is primarily used to modify the flash file system via USB connection from host computer.

Android Studio

It is a latest, fast & efficient IDE designed & develop specifically for Android App Development that a set up a new Android project for different types of App within a very short spam of time.


Android App development can be done either on Windows, Mac or on Linux by registering yourself as a developer on Google Play store & one time payment of $25  as compare to developing iOs device which can only be develop on Mac & charges $99 for yearly subscription.

Android Versions

There are variants of versions for Android developed by Google with the creation of Open Handset Alliance which has been launched from the year 2008 till yet in Alphabetical Order.

  • ANDROID 1.0—- 23 SEPTEMBER 2008
  • ANDROID 1.1—- 9 FEBRUARY 2009
  • CUPCAKE 1.5 —-27 APRIL 2009
  • DONUT 1.6 —-15 SEPTEMBER 2009
  • ECLAIRS 2.0-2.1 —–26 OCTOBER 2009
  • FROYO 2.2- 2.2.3 —–20 MAY 2010
  • GINGERBREAD 2.3- 2.3.7 —–6 DECEMBER 2010
  • HONEYCOMB 3.0-3.2.6 —–22 FEBRUARY 2011
  • ICE CREAM SANDWICH 4.0- 4.0.1—-18 OCTOBER 2011
  • JELLY BEAN 4.1-4.3.1—–9 JULY 2012
  • KITKAT  4.4- 4.4.4 —–31 OCTOBER 2013
  • LOLLIPOP 5.0- 5.1.1 —–12 NOVEMBER 2014
  • MARSHMALLOW 6.0-6.0.1 —— 5 OCTOBER,2015
  • NOUGAT 7.0—– 22 AUGUST,2016 (Latest Version)

These updated versions of Android has increased the quality of Smartphones at such extent that we now have a Plethora of  multiple devices suiting everyones budget & rescuing you from  burning a hole in your pocket.

Learn To Develop Apps Online:

If you are a beginner & would like to develop Android Apps than the website “UDACITY” is the best Option you can go for.This Website will teach you the basics of Android & Java Programming if you are new to Programming. All what you need is to be a Consumer of technology i.e. Surfing Web , Chatting to take your first step in Android Development.