Among all the operating systems working in the market, Apple’s iOS and Android are the superior ones. From quite a long time they have been giving tough competition to each other with continuous up-gradations to the software. But according to the recent reports, Apple smartphones have for the first time grabbed the first position in the US smartphone market, leaving Android behind. While in Europe, Android mobiles are still at the top with highest-ever share and Samsung mobiles taking the charge.

Though in 2012, Apple saw the highest growth with its latest entrant in the iPhone family- the Apple iPhone 5, the Korean giant Samsung is expected to experience a growth of around 35% in this year. And this is mainly because of Apple’s ignorance towards the budget- minded gadget freaks, whereas all of Samsung’s launches are with keeping them in mind. Samsung’s Galaxy line of devices is in direct competition with Apple’s iPhone line which has led to a rivalry between Apple and Samsung. The recent of which we saw with Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5, competing with each other in respect of every feature and specification and leading the buyers into a complete state of confusion.

Reports also have it that apart from Apple and Android, RIM, Nokia’s Symbian and Microsoft Windows are the other considerable players in the OS market, but their market share is way behind than that of the top two. While Apple has the benefit of iPhone users consuming far more content than Android users, Samsung aims at flooding the market with ample number of Android devices of every range, in which it has been pretty successful.

If we compare the features of both the Operating System’s then Android certainly stands out and that is the reason behind its growing popularity. Features like Maps where Apple has not included walking directions or transit directions whereas Google added 3D maps and offline maps Beam where Android allows you to share any type of file and on the other side Apple allows you to share only photos; while Google’s notification center is awesome and gives you quick access to everything, Apple’s notification center is pretty boring by just being a hub for missed alerts. Apple has definitely improved its operating system with some swift features but it is still way back from Android. Apple is expected to upgrade its software and come up with some better features with its upcoming device. Now one can surely make out as to why it is being said that Android and Apple are the biggest competitors and will always be.