Extravaganza and Apple iPhones go hand in hand. It is only the economic edge that other phone manufacturers have over Apple. An average Indian cannot afford the exhorbitantly priced iPhones, hence they take fancy in investing in other branded phones. iPhones no doubt are smart products of extensive research and investment, but it fails to please the masses. With the launch of expensive iPhones in the market, they were certainly a matter of status, however, the notion has been tweaked by the Samsung and Nokia high-end models priced at significantly low rates.

iPhone 5S


iPhone 5S is Apple’s latest move in the smartphone innovation game. It has impeccable features that define it to be one of the most superior smartphones in the market. Much like every “S’’ updation of Apple phones promises changes which are subtle but enhance the performance of the phone. Apple often faces criticism regarding addition of features which barely add to the utility of the device. However, the Apple loyalists buy them regardless.


iPhone 5S has some amazing features that are still unmatched in the market. A Touch ID feature sets the model apart from others, as it bases the unlocking of the device on the fingerprint of the owner, on the home button on the phone. This provides high level security to your device and protects it from hacking and theft. It also does away with cumbersome pattern locks.

Additionally, it incorporates the A7-chip that promises a high performance rate in terms of high resolution graphics and visual effects. The M7 Motion Co-Processor uses the A7 processor to assure absolutely no lags. The iOS7 has been customized for the iPhone 5S phones that brings icons to life, and gives you a divine phone experience.

The 8 megapixel rear camera is a blessing in disguise for most people. You can aim and shoot with utmost ease. Capturing videos in full HD increases the pleasure of the moment.

Apple uses apps that are smooth to use and entertaining at once, such as iPhoto, iMovie and many more custom made apps from Apple.

The iPhone 5S is available in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models.

Nexus 5


Endowed with Google’s latest OS Android 4.4 Kitkat, Nexus 5 phones are classy and sleek with a large screen and assured performance. It has matched all flagship features, so far available in the market and keeps the price factor under control. Using the Snapdragon 800, this phone is too good to be true for its price.


The latest Android v4.4 makes Nexus 5 the most advanced Android phone in the market. This smartphone is easy to use and enables you to customize your user experience optimally. Much like the iPhone’s Siri, Nexus responds to voice commands, relieving you of the stress of texting, typing, dialling etc. The rear camera has an impressive 8 megapixel resolution which captures vibrant images with utmost clarity.

If apps were the soul of a smartphone, the the processor would be its spirit. With the 2.3 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Processor that runs on 2 GB RAM speed, removes any possible lag in while browsing. Multitasking on the smart and wide screen is just another feature in the Nexus 5 cap. The smart screen is built with high definition picture display which delivers pictures with clarity and precision.

A Comparative Study

iPhone 5S is said to dominate the market with its exquisite features, while Nexus 5 is sure to work its charm through its unbelievably low price. Price is the chief edge that the Nexus 5 holds against iPhone 5. Nexus 5 is smart and fast and priced at half the iPhone 5 S price in the market.

iPhone 5S has the same size screen as iPhone 5, but its much lighter than the wide-screen Nexus 5. Nexus 5 has a brilliant screen though it fails the test of sturdiness, unlike the delicately rigid iPhone 5. The Nexus 5 uses the Full HD IPS (in-place switching) screen which is much smoother to use than the iPhone 5S retina display screen.

Both phones use the latest software or OS, that their parent companies have in store. Both the iOS7 and 4.4 Kitkat are smart and fast to use. iOS7 is known to have less lag than Kitkat. Another drawback that Nexus phones have is the in-built memory limitation. You cannot enhance the internal memory using micro SD cards in the 16 and 32 GB models. Also, due to absence of a 64 GB model, many users that require extensive usage may move away from the Nexus 5. iPhones on the other hand are available with 3 different memory capacities.

You can make an informed decision, keeping in mind your personal needs and expectations. But it is always wise to compare the gadgets before making an impulsive purchase. With e-commerce websites in the scene, you can save your time and energy of physically visiting the stores and simply surf the websites and add your preferred phones to a Favorite list and later compare their features and price.