Businesses need to constantly be marketing to their current and past customers. In order to achieve an ideal level of growth, companies also need to pull in new customers. With the right marketing materials, your company will have an easier time of generating traffic and building leads. Try these four effective marketing strategies to bring more customers to your company.

Include Information and Graphics Together

Most people do not want to read a full page of marketing text, regardless of whether your marketing materials are online or in print. Instead of filling up a full page with paragraphs of text, include graphics along with the information. A trending marketing technique for drawing in customers is the infographic. This is an ideal combination of graphics and information that explains the graphic. An infographic can be used to show data in a way that is meaningful to people who do not have a high level of technical expertise on the subject matter. For example, an infographic could be used to show how a product reduces electricity consumption and saves consumers money.

Use Color Printing for Brochures and Business Cards

Printing promotional materials in black and white is hardly a way to draw in customers. A better solution is to use color printing for your brochures and business cards. With color printing, your company can highlight its logo and images of its products. A color brochure could include all colors or focus on just one or two colors. If you choose not to include images in your brochures, using a few colors for the infographics will help to differentiate different sections of your marketing materials. Be sure to choose colors that are easy to read, such as blue text on a white background. Color printing is also ideal for use on your business cards and allows you to include an accurate representation of your company’s colorful logo.

Offer a Visual Demonstration of Your Products

A printed to tutorial of how your products work is an ideal way to market your product and draw in customers to your organization. You might also consider making a marketing video to highlight the benefits of your products. You could upload such marketing videos to your social media accounts and your company website or blog. Another great place to show your marketing videos is on YouTube. This venue allows you to start up your own channel or to use your marketing videos for advertising purposes. If your business offers services rather than products, your marketing materials could highlight the difference made by your services, such as a “before” image or video and an “after” image or video after your business has performed its services.

Implement an Online Marketing Design That Captures Attention

Most of today’s consumers look to online sources of information when seeking to purchase a product or contract for a service. Your online marketing program for drawing in customers should include a variety of advertising methods. An opt-in newsletter gets traffic to your website and keeps consumers updated about your products and services. Marketing emails are also helpful. Paid ads on social media capture your current followers and can generate new leads. You might also consider online marketing designs that include short videos or webcasts.

Using a variety of marketing materials and designs will capture the attention of a wide audience. You might consider putting together a focus group in order to evaluate potential marketing designs and materials before you release them to a wider audience. Doing this will help you to predict the success of a campaign. Be sure to keep your marketing materials fresh, optimistic and appealing to the audience you want to reach.