Outdated Strategies: 4 Signs You Should Upgrade Your Business Tech

Every significant company in the digital age relies on tech, and that means this technology will need to be upgraded every now and again. It’s important for any business owner or relevant manager to know some of the key signs that your tech is outdated and needs to be updated…

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4 Major Blunders That Will Ruin Your Company’s Reputation in Its Industry

Building your company’s image is half the battle of becoming a trusted business inside your industry of expertise. After working so hard to obtain this status, many businesses do irreparable damage to their reputation in the blink of an eye. You can damage your company’s reputation far more quickly and…

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Why Your Company’s Niche Should Direct Your Social Media Strategy

Twitter. Facebook. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Which one/s should you choose? All of them? None of them? Some of them? The last answer is the most correct, though all social media sites have merit. That’s why it’s so important that you create your social media plan according to your business’s niche. The…

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4 Ways Your Company Can Use Youtube to Strengthen Your Brand

YouTube is one of the highest traffic websites on the internet. There are many benefits to uploading videos to YouTube, by far the largest video sharing platform. People often find videos more interesting and entertaining than articles. Yet if you want to use videos for marketing purposes, you have to…

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4 Exhilarating Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Business Meetings

In times past, people wasted unfathomable amounts of time traveling to business meetings, participating in them and following up after them. Technology hasn’t completely eliminated wasted time during every step of this process; however, technology is definitely reducing the amount of waste and making meetings much more productive. Let’s take…

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Thwart the Hackers: Best Business Practices to Keep Your Data Secure

Keeping data safe should be one of your business’s top priorities in the information age. Stories seem to break daily about data breaches at big companies, but that doesn’t mean small companies are off the hook. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods and practices you should be adopting in order…

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4 Issues That Could Severely Restrict Your Company’s Bottom Line

With the complexities and unexpected expenses in doing business, it can seem like it’s hard to maintain a comfortable profit margin, let alone realize surpluses that can be reinvested in business growth. Regardless of economic climate, there are four key factors that could be restricting profitability. Performance For illustration, there…

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