What developers look for in new job opportunities? Right ways to attract them

Finding good developers is an area of concern for the IT employers as most number of them have trouble in attracting qualified technical talent. In the last decade we saw an increase of 45% in software employment, this way it’s quite clear that developers nowadays have their pick of any…

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Build Advanced and Feature-Packed Web Applications hiring PHP Developer

PHP is a renowned open source server-side scripting language that allows you to build websites with great features in just no time. There are various advantages of using this language in web development with one being that it’s learning curve is easier and thus complex functions can be performed easily…

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How Smartphone Technology is affecting humanity?

With Smartphone comes myriad of amazing features be it computation or logic easily accomplished with their help. In fact taking and receiving calls has turned secondary as there is a lot more to do from note-taking to gaming apps, coordinating applications across many gadgets. However nothing stays behind with an…

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Strategies to Grab More “User Input” In Your Mobile App

Nowadays mobile devices come to be useful for various purposes be it performing daily tasks, take control of electronic users in the house, or many others. After all, every user desire to have power in their hands and fulfill all their needs, without making huge efforts. However, that may not…

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Mobile Applications impacting Financial Services in a huge manner

Nowadays mobile apps are changing the financial industry in a fast-paced manner aiming to grow customer acquisition, get customer’s insights, launch customer-centric products, offer access to information and present other crucial services. Whether it is banking sector, insurance industry, stock exchange or financial enterprises, they all embrace mobile applications enabling…

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