Smartphones: 3 Booming Industries Built On The Computer In Your Pocket

The first smartphone, the Apple iPhone, was released in 2007. While many people in the mid-2000s didn’t see the rise of these devices on the horizon, smartphones are incredibly popular today, with more than three-quarters of the United States population owning one. Arguably the largest factor contributing to its incredible…

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4 Building Upkeep Tips To Make Your Business Look Its Best

There are a huge number of factors that go into running a successful business. Quality and customer service are obviously important, but equally as important is appearance. Most people tend to be quite visual and base many of their decisions off of appearance. Having an untidy property or building in…

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Convention Conversion: A Short Guide To Winning Over Customers At Trade Shows

If you are planning on hosting a booth at an industry trade show soon, you understandably may have high hopes of generating a substantial amount of business from this effort. However, the results that different businesses actually generate from attending trade shows can vary substantially. If you want to position…

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Helping Hand: 3 Ways Businesses Use Other Companies To Succeed

As the old saying goes, “no man is an island” and the same is true for businesses. Businesses need customers to survive, of course, but they also need other businesses. From the supplies that you need to run your business to parallel companies that can offer valuable referrals, businesses are…

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3 Reasons Even Minor Workplace Injuries Need Professional Attention

Were you just injured at work? You should really get it looked at right away, even if the injury seems minor. There are a number of reasons to do this, and we’ll go over the most important ones below. Minor Injuries Can Indicate Safety Risks Even minor workplace injuries can…

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Risky Business: A Short Guide To Preventing And Reacting To Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries are most common in high-risk industries, such as with utilities, construction and more. However, even someone working at a desk job in your office can develop a workplace injury, such as with carpal tunnel syndrome, a slip and fall accident and more. The financial loss that your company…

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Efficiency Expert: 4 Ways To Save Company Time Using The Internet

The Internet is changing the way businesses operate, and one of the most amazing results of increased workplace Internet usage is improved efficiency. Through efficiency, businesses are able to save time, effort and money in different ways. With a closer look at the many ways your business may be able…

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