Smart Technologies That Make Housekeeping Easier

Cleaning can be a real burden, taking into account all the things in one’s house that need regular cleaning – which means basically everything. Fortunately, there are more and more great technology tools that appear on the market every year, promising to save us time and energy we spend on…

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Best 4 Smartphones to buy in 2013

iPhone 5S We can’t start any smartphone review without mentioning the latest addition to the iPhone series – the iPhone 5S. Like always, Apple has provided users with fantastic new features and amazing, never before seen process power. The new iPhone 5S is more than capable of running programs at…

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Why HTC Decided To Develop Their Own Smartphone Operating System

An exclusive report by the Wall Street Journal, based on anonymous sources familiar with the project, states that an HTC China-targeted smartphone operating system is well on the way and it’s possible that it will hit the Chinese market as early as the end of this year. The news is…

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How have mobile phones changed over time

I remember the time when mobile phones could only be found in science fiction novels and not anywhere else. As the advent of technology came to a booming head-start in the late 1980’s, telecommunication providers sought to improve on the already familiar ‘wireless phones‘ and bring them to the consumer’s…

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