How WordPress Game Plugins may increase your blog’s fun factor?

Running a blog is a rewarding process; sure, you may sometimes find yourself under a bit of pressure to come up with fresh and engaging content for your readers, but at the end of the day, when the comments start coming in and the community tightens, you’ll get a heart-warming…

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Extra layer of protection against hackers for Apple’s messaging – what else can be done?

Apple has recently decided to increase the level of protection against hackers for its FaceTime and iMessages services. The tech company has implemented additional login in steps to help make the video chat and messaging systems feel more secure. A two-step authentication feature will be added in order to guarantee…

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Amazing games that were built only with web technologies

There’s no doubt about it – JavaScript rules! Game developers are now using web technologies like HTML5 and WebGL to create the coolest and most groundbreaking games. There’s almost no need for Flash, and the end result is surprisingly good. The games are fun, interactive, thoughtful, and challenging to say…

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Fantastic Facts about Mobile game development that can amaze you

Are you fond of video games? Do you want to learn more about mobile game development? Then you should definitely check out the following facts that will amaze you. To begin with, we all need games. Games help us relax, learn, develop competitive skills, and prove to ourselves that we…

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HTML5 Gaming Technology: Latest Tech to Support Mobile App Development

What was once the domain of the desktop PCs and the laptops has been taken over by smartphones and hand held tablets. Even the gaming consoles are seeing a drop in sales. Nevertheless, there is a rise in the number of individuals that are playing the games. So, it is obvious…

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