Car repair has come a long way since the days of classic cars. Even since the turn of the millennium, over the last 18-years, technology has changed the face of how cars are made and repaired to a significant degree. In many ways, car advancements are moving beyond the realm of the average hobbyist to the need for high end shops and tools to address something as complex as the sensor array adorning some drive trains. Yet, in some ways, modern technology is making it easier for you to do your own commercial grade repairs on automobiles. The following are some examples of this that may help you to make progress with working on your own car.

Sensor Feedback

Cars have had some degree of primitive sensor feedback for decades now. Some of these sensors alert us to minor problems like low battery function or a fuse problem. As the car you drive continues to become more complex, the sensor arrays employed in these cars become equally detailed to alert you to where a problem is arising and how far this problem touches other systems in the car. While not perfect, these sensor feedback systems guide you to precise issues that need addressing. This in turn reduces the time and effort you must go through to figure out what is going wrong with your automobile.

Remote Diagnostic Applications

Computers have been used to obtain sensor data and code reading on modern automobiles for some time now. However, diagnostic methods are reaching deeper into the engine and even applications for engine tuning is possible through remote desktop control with the help of a company like Cantune. It is an age where working online with automotive engineers can redefine how you approach major automotive projects. With an engineer being able to interface with your desktop software, you can receive instruction to fix things you may not presently know how to fix much easier than in the past. It is possible that, in the not so distant future, you will be able to simply let the computer do all the work repairing the car. The need for you getting in the way of technology is decreasing with every step forward.


The industrial application of 3D printing has already reached the automotive arena. While it is not cost effective for small shops to own 3D printers that print entire car bodies, the technology to scan and replicate parts with 3D printing technology is definitely here. Eventually, your auto repair shop will need little more than to pull up a schematic of an after parts item that is hard to find, and you will simply print any part you need to get your car road ready again.

It is difficult to ignore that technology is dramatically changing the way you approach car repair. With computers, scanners and printers doing a lot of the diagnostic and manufacturing of parts, anyone could easily get the help they need to do more efficient car repairs than in years past. This means that the auto repair shops may soon be losing a lot more of your business as average people gain access to these technologies.