Organizing a bachelorette party is so much more than simple gathering with your besties, going out to a club and sipping wine. It must be a night that the bride-to-be will remember, and a tale which you will be retelling for years to come. So, if you are wondering how to achieve that, think no more and read on. Here are some fun and fabulous ideas on how to have a memorable bachelorette party.

Massage therapy getaway

There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than heading out to a magnificent spa resort and indulging yourselves with a quality massage. This can be organized as a pre-bachelorette party before you have a fun night out. A nice massage will sooth all your muscles and prepare the bride-to-be for a wedding where she’ll have to stand all day. Destination spas will make the bride look and feel their best for the wedding. Just don’t forget to bring a bottle of champagne.

Reminisce past night-outs

As the future bride is slowly stepping in marriage life, she won’t be able to party as she used to in the past. Make a list of her favorite bars, clubs, and restaurants, try to organize a road trip by visiting her old-time favorites. Go to all the bars that bring out the fun and loving memories, just make sure that you label her with the sign “taken” or similar. Even if the trip through memory lane took the whole weekend, she would absolutely adore this idea, and maybe even shed a few tears.

Throw a slumber party

Even if many Australian ladies prefer to go out in a steamy club for their bachelorette’s, if your bride prefers only the company of her girls, then the best idea is to throw an unforgettable slumber party. Why not? You can order pizza or other junk food, drink beer, watch some romantic movies, paint nails and gossip. Let’s not forget about some cheesy adult-only drinking games, and you can even get fun GIF booth for hire in Sydney to juice up the party. You can get cool props, mess up your hair, and take fantastic photos, which you can later share on the social network or cherish forever.

Rent a cottage

Going away from the city’s hustle and bustle and organizing a splendid private party in a cottage in the mountains can be extremely fun. Firstly, book a cozy cottage for the weekend only for yourselves. Next, bring lots and lots of alcohol. You can sing karaoke (check out some cool karaoke machines here), make barbecue, and even call a “fireman” if you get hot. By fireman, we mean a sexy stripper. During the day, you can go for a short hike to gather fresh air and to energize, so that you can continue partying later on. Or you can visit some wine cellars and refill the energy with wine tasting.

Have a ball at the festival

Get all the girls together, book the tickets, rent a car and a hose, and head out to a fiery festival. No matter if you go to Coachella, Stereosonic, Tomorrowland, or any other smaller or anonymous ones. Festivals have a certain unspoken vibe, that makes even the timid girls go wild. Lose yourselves completely, dance all night, and don’t think about tomorrow.

An adventurous escape

Why follow the trends, and have matching shirts and badges?! Surprise your bride-to-be with a thrilling and action-packed party. Go zip-lining, bungee jumping, or parasailing. Do something that you have never done before, and be adventurous for a change. If you are scared of heights, or you simply don’t want to take risks only a week before the wedding, then you can try rock climbing, or take a pole dancing class.

Planning a bachelorette party doesn’t have to be stressful and hard, just make sure that you have plenty of drinks, and that you do everything to please your bride.