When you first hear the word app, you automatically think of your new smart phone and the little buttons on the screen that you tap or click to launch. Well, those are apps; but there’s more to apps than just your iPhone or Android. Apps, also known as application software, have a very technical and complex process before being marketed. Famous and well recognized app software developers and marketers like Chad Mureta have the better story to give about their app software career. Chad Mureta is the founder of App Empire and cofounder of T3 Apps and Best Apps, three of the most well known and successful app companies anywhere. Mureta had an unexpected route to his present career but he strongly believes that working in this field of work today is nothing but beneficial.

Before becoming the successful App Empire king that he is today, Mureta was just an ordinary real estate businessman who was not very pleased. Mureta is the perfect example to show to people who don’t believe just how simple and life changing joining this field of work can be. Chad had gotten in a car accident in 2009 and while laying on his hospital bed, he realized that many people rely on application software. That was just enough for the young man to change his life path to become an app software maker and seller. A while later, he made his first app called “Fingerprint Security Pro” and was pleased to see that it was a hit sell in the App Store because it had over 35 million downloads worldwide. Chad wants to enjoy his life without working too much and that’s why he is the real life example of a success story.

Chad Mureta did get quite lucky, but that doesn’t mean that normal interested folks like you have to have a pot of luck around. Mureta says that just as he didn’t need any technological background to start his career, you won’t need it either. It’s the perfect time to become a part of the app market’s “gold rush” because the demand for apps has risen incredibly over the past few years. Also, with newer and smarter phones being created every once in a while these days, they depend on application software heavily and you could be the one to come to their help. The infamous iPhone may as well give half of their popularity credit to all the app companies that provide for them, especially Mureta’s App Empire. You can stop thinking that you aren’t made for the business because again, Chad Mureta mentions everywhere he goes that he had zero experience in technology when he started, and look at where he is today.

App Empire – Make Money, Have a Life, and Let Technology Work For You is the true and very inspiring title of Chad Mureta’s well anticipated book. The three quotes he mentioned are absolutely spot on and here are the reasons why. Make money: yes, making money is definitely going to be a part of your new job. Chad said that he had nothing before and is making millions now because one; the outstanding demand for apps today pay for themselves and are getting higher in prices day by day, and two; millions of people download apps every single day which compels the big smart phone companies to have a good relationship with a good app company. Basically, many people are dependent on successful app makers and are most certainly willing to pay all the costs.

Have a life and let technology work for you are also very inspiring statements. Being an app developer doesn’t require long and boring hours in the office, enabling you to spend your day where you would prefer. Technology does do the work for you, because in the technology field the most important job is to be a monitor. Monitoring doesn’t take much time or effort, does it? That’s why Mureta’s system is the best guide to get you started. He speaks honestly and explains all the tips and tricks he used to get at his position just so that you can too. What are you waiting for? If you are even slightly interested, get up and get ready to become quickly wealthy and have yourself all the time that you never thought you could have.