Laravel is the latest addition to the PHP framework, has gained popularity for effective and efficient software solutions at an affordable cost. Features like ease of use, modular packaging system, development speed and elegance are the reason of getting this much popularity.

Laravel has secured its place in the race of best PHP framework for enterprises, startups and small businesses. Hire Laravel Developers to utilize the best features of Laravel:

  • Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapping): Laravel gives the Eloquent ORM which incorporates a basic PHP ActiveRecord implementation which gives the designer a chance to issue database queries with PHP syntax as opposed to writing SQL code. Each table in the database has a comparing Model through which the developer connects with table. An ORM is generally quicker than all other PHP structures.
  • Libraries: It has Object Oriented libraries and numerous other pre-installed libraries, which are not found in some other well known PHP structures. One of the pre – installed library is an Authentication library. In spite of the fact that it is anything but difficult to implement, it has many advanced features, for example, Bcrypt hashing, checking dynamic clients, CSRF (Cross-site Request Forgery) security, password reset, and encryption.
  • Modular: Laravel web development is based on more than 20 unique libraries and is itself isolated into singular modules. It adopts current PHP standards, which enables designers to manufacture modular, responsive and helpful web applications.
  • MVC Architecture Support: Laravel takes after the MVC design, guaranteeing clearness amongst logic and presentation. This architecture helps in enhancing the execution, permits better documentation, and has various bulit in functions.
  • Migration system for databases: In the Laravel, Migration grows the database structure of the application without having it re-create each time we roll out a change. With the assistance of this, there are no chances to lose your development information. Laravel Migration not just provides the facility to change the structure of database yet it gives us a chance to do as such utilizing PHP code rather than SQL. The Laravel Schema Builder enables us to make database tables and embeds sections or files rapidly. One can consider it as form control for your databases.
  • Unit-Testing: Many software developers love Laravel because of the way it encourages Unit testing. It runs many tests to guarantee that new changes done by the developers don’t surprisingly break anything in the application. Laravel is generally considered to have the absolute most stable releases in the business as it is cautious of the known disappointments. It likewise makes it simple to compose unit-tests for claim code.
  • Security: While building up an application everybody needs to utilize a few or alternate ways to make the application secure. Laravel web development deals with the security inside its structure. It utilizes salted and hashed password, which implies that the password could never spare as the plain content in database. It utilizes Bcrypt hashing calculation for producing encoded representation of a password.

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