Google Chrome after its launch has been making significant waves that it’s the lightest web browser which combines all the features and the minimal design with advanced technology for making the web safe, fast and even easier. But there are few extensions which are novel and play role in inception.

let’s checkout which are the Best 5 Google Chrome Extensions.

AD Block Extension

Ad Block Extension

Today in any website the entire page is filled with advertisements through which the bills are paid by websites and this blocks user form seeing anything else. But this extension will strip out most of the ads from many websites and block the pop-ups, ads and bothersome banners, images and YouTube video ads. This great tool will ensure fast, efficient and clean web browsing with obnoxious and intrusive advertisements. Use this link to install AD Block Extension

Fastest Chrome Extension

FastestChrome Extension

This browser is used by millions of users with Firefox being very popular. It automatically gives highlighted text search, loads pages and many more. This will save lot of time by automatic loading of pages, searching as per the marked text, inline text URL’s into the clickable links with interactive Chrome environment.

Read Later Fast Extension

Read Later Fast Extension

There are many times that you miss the content because of heavy work load and when you get time to see then either you forget or the link is lost. Well, now you can save all your content for quick access using the read later application. If you want to read any article you liked on web later on ,then right click the select button such that” Read later” can be easily added to your queue. This will allow you to read anytime by opening in the web browser on clean interface. Use this link to install Read Later Fast Extension.

Liquid Information Extension

Liquid Information

This is really cool tool which will make every word on the web highly interactive. Safari browser, Firefox and Chrome are supported with this extension. You can ideally search the references, conversations, translations, blogging, tagging, email and shopping with ease in many cases. This will help you conduct highly interactive task like searching after each sentence and word or phrase is highlighted. Use this link to install Liquid Information Extension.

Image Cropper Extension

Image Cropper

It is great and useful tool to retain the specific portion of the website. No it’s so easy to crop the images with your Chrome. You can crop the best feature of the photo albums for IM thumbnail etc. for even the blog post on the fly. Use this link to install Liquid Information Extension.


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