The Kindle Fire tablet is not just limited to reading books or watching movies but also a place to play a wide range of games. The Appstore of Kindle Fire tablet has loads of games, which can be enjoyed both by kids and adults. The best thing is this tablet remains the most affordable options, which means you can very easily get one for your kids without being worried about its damage. Instead of depending upon Google’s Appstore, Amazon has its own appstore for Kindle, which means you do not have to rely on Google to play games as Amazon gives a slew of them to play. There are many apps, which help children to learn a number of things in a playful way. Now, let us explore some of the best kindle game for kids, which can give them some of the irresistible fun and entertainment in the following paragraphs.

Contre Jour

Contre Jour

This is among the most popular games for kids for Kindle Fire tablet. In Contre Jour you in an abstract creature are supposed to collect a couple of blue lights and need to successfully flee away via a portal. It’s a real fun to play this game amidst incredible design layout and beautiful low key soundtrack. You simply move the said creature to the said destination by simply attaching several tentacles and deforming the landscape around. As you move this creature you come across a number of tools in the form of geysers, pulleys and several other devices to help you in getting a perfect escape. Though you can play Contre Jour over your phones as well but playing it over Kindle (or any other tablet) is simply an awesome experience as you get bigger touch targets. This came can be procured for 1.99 dollars.



This game is known to give a big impression earlier for Android and iOS based device users with its earlier editions getting several awards from the gaming fraternity. Battleheart uses some of the very basic interface that makes the game easy to control and play. While playing this game, you are supposed to pass through a ruthless battle with foes coming in the form of bats, goblins, skeletons and giant spiders. The colorful animations and visuals found in Battleheart really make the arcade style combat interesting and funny. The slide controls found in this game is perfectly suitable to the Kindle Fire screen. It is certainly worth a downloading if you have missed playing it earlier.

Diner Dash

Dinre dash

This is among the most popular games for Kindle Fire tablets, which comes for free. It is among best and thrilling game to play, which also happens to be classic in nature. In this char topping game- Dinner Dash, you are supposed to build up your own restaurant empire with good great savvy and quicker approach. You need to help Flo (a spunky entrepreneur), to grow her signature diner with the help of a greasy spoon over the five star joint. Also, you need to welcome the customers with delight, settle them along with cleaning and serving the tables. Carrying out some usual chores at the food joint, you really get the real fun and entertainment with Dinner Dash.

Jet Car Stunts

Jet Car Stunts

This game was originally released for iPhone devices a couple of years before but today you have the version for Kindle Fire as well. However, the experience of playing over Kindle is far better than iPhone devices, which gives a feeling that it’s a tailor made game for Kindle users. Kids really love playing with the airborne Hot Wheels track with the help of jet boosts, tight curves and death challenging ramps. It comes for 1.99 dollars and is indeed among the best games for kids to play over Kindle Fire.

Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story

Stray Souls Dollhouse+Story

Another popular game for kids to play over Kindle fire is Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story. It is basically a hidden object game, which is not only popular among children but also among the adults. The creepy plot found in this game that comes along with atmospheric background makes Stray Soul interesting and funny. You are supposed to play a character of a woman, who is there to find out her husband. You are supposed to explore different creepy characters over the smorgasbord background. In this game, the hidden objects are changed into different light puzzles, which is backed by very appealing kind of story line in it. It comes for 3 dollars, but investing this much of money on Stray Souls.

Final word

Kindle Fire tablet is no more behind in having loads of interesting and fun games. If your child is hunting for some games, the above list can certainly prove worthy for him or her. Try them out!

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