Rajasthan is a place known for its culture, traditions and impeccable artistry. It is a home for all things traditional, and when it comes to shopping, Rajasthan offers you the best of choices for your wardrobe, your home, your office and personal tastes!

The home of lovely Bandhini, Sherwani, royal Jootis and colorful trinkets; Rajasthan is your go to shopping place if you love relishing the smell of the exotic and the antique in your shopping bags!

For the inner shopaholic in you, we bring the best places to shop in Rajasthan!

Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

Johari Bazaar in Jaipur is one of the most happening and crowded marketplaces in Jaipur, a city known for its glittering culture and colorful, viable handicrafts.

Johari Bazaar in Jaipur is one of the finest marketplaces in Jaipur to go on a shopping spree for exotic, handmade jewelry, ranging from precious and semi-precious to residential jewelries!

It’s also one of the most preferred markets to shop for exclusive handicrafts such as bags, purses and home decor utility items!

Shop at Johari Bazaar for fine and pretty jewelry, exotic handicrafts and great textiles!

Bapu Bazaar, Jaipur

Located in a comfortable proximity of the Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar is the go to marketplace for binge shopping traditional textiles, various local artistry, home decor products, accessories and exquisitely beautiful handloom products.

A perfect marketplace for travelers looking to shop the best of Rajasthan’s traditional culture and handicrafts, Bapu Bazaar is the gem on the crown of Rajasthan’s shoppable markets!

Clock Tower Market, Jodhpur

Also known as the Spice Market, the Clock Tower market is a bedstead for shopping the best of Rajasthan’s spices, hence, it’s name!

Besides hoarding the best spices of the town, Clock Tower Market is also known for traditional Rajasthani handloom, antique relics and exquisite clothing.

A perfect marketplace for taking home the traditional best of Rajasthan!

Nai Sarak, Jodhpur

A perfect place for shopping the traditional Rajasthani textile, Bandhini; Nai Sarak is an expansive marketplace stocking hoards of Rajasthani quilts, ties and dyes, as well as various exquisite handicrafts and handloom products.

If you want to explore the finest local artmanship of Rajasthan, Nai Sarak Market in Jodhpur is just the place to be! It’s known for an extensive variety of the famous Rajasthani textile, Bandhini, and an exquisite array of lovely handicrafts!

Bada Bazaar, Udaipur

Aptly titled ‘Bada’ for its extensive collection of branded and handsome textiles, handloom and jewelry, as well as hoarding the finest works of local artists at the most reasonable and affordable prices.

Shop here to take home the finest of Rajasthan’s textiles, handicrafts, hosiery and home decor products, all at great, affordable prices!

Hathi Pol Bazaar, Udaipur

If you have a great eye for art and adore traditional paintings that reflect the fine cultural implications of a place, then Hathi Pol Bazaar in Udaipur is the perfect place for you to be!

Here, you’ll find an extensive collection of homemade and expert made art pieces and local folklore paintings from the best artisans of Udaipur! You can also take home the best of Rajasthani paintings about stories of the Rajput warriors of the state as well as paintings depicting common folk tales!

Sadar Market, Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a city known for its exquisite sand dunes and expert craftsmanship! This is the predominant reason why people flock to this city to buy the best of Rajasthan in almost every sphere of life!

Sadar Market is a wholesale shopping place for everything you might ever need for your home and yourself, including textiles, shawls, souvenirs, handicrafts, handloom products and eatables, all drenched in pure Rajasthani cultural sauce!

A perfect marketplace if you want to take home the best of Rajasthan’s products, and don’t want to roam around searching city after city.

While in Jaisalmer, Pansari Bazaar and the Sonaro Ka Bas are also great places to explore Rajasthan’s rich cultural artistry and handicrafts!

Mahatma Gandhi Road, Bikaner

Bikaner is known for its exquisite dishes and excellent Rajasthani folk embroidery, the evidence of which is clearly visible in The MG Road marketplace!

This may very well be your one stop shopping place for all things Rajasthani, whether you are looking for textiles, bandhini, quilts, drapes, dishes, home decor or footwear!

Made with expert Rajasthani artist hands, the products here represent Rajasthan’s culture in its purest spirit, and make for an awesome, rememberable buy!

Kote Gate, Bikaner

This lovely marketplace will greet you just when you enter Bikaner, with all its ancient art and craft pieces!

A perfect marketplace for you to shop an extensive variety of Khadi items, woodcrafts, hand crafted accessories and an exquisite assortment of Rajasthani utensils, all at just one place!

Also Kote Gate offers you an expansive choice for buying beautiful Rajasthani paintings for your home, at the best of prices!

Sadar Bazaar, Pushkar

If you think Pushkar is all about ghats, lakes and religious rituals; think again, for Pushkar is a totally vibrant city with an especially happening marketplace!

Sadar Bazaar in Pushkar is just one of the places wherein you can get the most out of Pushkar’s lovely handicrafts, home decor, wearable and jewelry items, all in pure Rajasthani style!

Sarafa Bazaar, Pushkar

A great marketplace for shopping the best and the most exquisite of Pushkar’s goods and handicrafts, Sarafa Bazaar will appeal greatly to women travelers for its extensive variety of Indian clothing wear in pure Rajasthani style.

Bangles, jewelry and other accessories are also available here in plenty, and will enchant anyone who visits here!

If all this talk about shopping exclusive handicrafts and goods in Rajasthan struck the shopper in you, then wait not for another season to visit Rajasthan.

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