This write up is all about finding the best advantages of white box testing over the black box testing. Definitely a penetration testing services is a must for your software and your running applications in the organization, so you can have uninterrupted services to receive and to deliver the services But before understanding the difference and the advantages among the two, let us first know what these two kinds of penetration testingare:-

White-box testing, also known as glass box testing, clear box testing, transparent box testing or structural testing is basically a method of testing software to review and examine the internal structures of an application whereas the black box testing is a method of examining the functionality of an application. This method is completely opposite to the former one where the white box testing is an internal perspective of the system along with the programming skills; the black box testing can be virtually applied to the system including any level of testing like unit, integration, system and acceptance.

The white testing methodology is perfectly similar to the testing nodes in a circuit. But to a matter of surprise, you may find many of the clients seeking for penetration testing services would preferably go for black box penetration testing on their web-facing systems, instead of white box testing. Reason being, the client need not have to give information about the systems to the tester and so the tester performs the work by using the techniques like “DNS mining”, more similar to a hide-n-seek game. But in white box penetration technique, the client needs to share his internal information being tested to further directly access the security of the system.

A black box testing is nothing more than creating a mystique as it basically imitates the approach of a real world attacker. This is why it brings a hint of perceiving to be more realistic and more accurate.

But definitely, the truth is something quite opposite. The BB Testing method brings a false sense of securityas it actually cannot test to check your system security but can only judge how well they are hidden from the malicious attackers. Of course, there is a lack of guarantee to detect all the data.

So directly the black box tester would find 90% of your IP addresses, using a purpose-built, open source tool but unfortunately would not detect the greatest vulnerabilities on the machines.  This is why the penetration testing companies would rather go for the white box testing with the basic advantages of it:-

  • The white hat hacker has the insider information with which s/he can perform rigorous and comprehensive testing.
  • No time is spent playing hide-and-seek; white box testing is more time and cost effective than black box testing.
  • White box testing will include the areas like code review that are the only way to truly signal the system against the most expectant vulnerabilities.

Thus, white box penetration testing combined with comprehensive vulnerability assessment can thoroughly test your applications, networks and people to tell you how sturdy your security posture is, where are its weak points, how susceptible it is to the different kinds of vulnerabilities and how it will be fixed.