Power banks are the fastest growing charging electronic on the market and the reason for this is because they’re portable charging devices. Most of the time we’re tethered down by USB wall chargers that require us to stay with them in order to charge our devices and only until our devices like our smartphone are charged up to a good point are we able to be free from them. That can be a real nuisance though and that’s when power banks become a solution.

Since you can take power banks anywhere you want because they have rechargeable batteries and USB ports to charge devices. What’s even better, is that there are a lot of types of power banks on the market because there are so many companies that sell portable chargers. Let’s a take a look at these different types and see what they have to offer.

Mini Power BanksThe Best Types of Power Banks 1

These are the most used type of power bank because Mini power banks are small enough that they can be put into a pocket and you can also hold them in a single hand. The main reason that these power banks are so small is because they have low power capacities; which means that they’re really only to charge smartphones only once or twice before being fully depleted. With that said, it’s the portability that really counts for very small power banks like these.

High Capacity Power BanksThe Best Types of Power Banks 2

Power banks that have high power capacities are also very useful, however, they’re going to be larger and heavier since there are more batteries being used. On the bright side, the increase in power capacity allows power banks like these to charge devices like smartphones and tablets multiple times over. In addition to having a high power capacity, they’re also able to have multiple charging ports which means that you charge many devices at once.

Rugged Power BankThe Best Types of Power Banks 3

Just like many other charging electronics out there, power banks aren’t able to withstand drops onto hard ground and neither are they water resistant. However, there are power banks that are built to withstand things like this and they’re called Rugged power banks. These power banks have lots of reinforcements that make them able to withstand drops onto the hard ground and they have charging port coverings that enable them to be resistant to water.

Power Banks with Built-In CablesThe Best Types of Power Banks 4

Charging cable are necessary for nearly any charging electronics product, even wireless chargers require charging cables to be powered. However, a power bank is ones of those electronics where you’re always going to want to have a charging cable with at all times. That is why there are power banks that have built-in cables, and by having them it’s always reliable. Not only do these type of power banks have a single built-in cable, but they can also have two built-in cables and built-in ways to recharge the power bank itself like an AC Adapter or a USB cable.

Charging Cable Power BanksThe Best Types of Power Banks 5

At this point, you probably realize that power banks are very versatile and they’re so versatile that they can be implemented into charging cables. Power banks on charging cables are very small and usually have a small power capacity of about 600mAh. They’re really meant for emergencies as you can charge using these cables without connecting them to a power source. Also, the cables are just like any other charging cable that can be used with other charging electronics.

Ultimately, there are lots of types of power banks on the market and even though there are lots of them, it’s important to keep in mind that not all of them hold the same quality. Since power banks are becoming more and more popular that means more companies are selling cheaper power banks in order to make a quick buck. What you can do to make sure that you’re purchasing quality electronics is to make sure that you’re purchasing from reputable companies that have proven that they’re able to deliver on great products.