The rise of smart phones and tablets in addition to Google penalizing you, if your website is not mobile friendly has made it compulsory for all website owners out there to make sure that their website is compatible with cell phones and other small screens. The design of the mobile phone website is important to attract traffic and sales. While you can always hire a company that do web design to make your work easy, in case you are on a budget and want to do all this by yourself, make sure that you avoid certain mistakes while you are making optimizing your web page for the mobile screen.

Link to social media channels: Social media has taken the world by storm and in today’s age, there is hardly anything that is not influenced by it. Most businesses have their own Instagram and Facebook account, Twitter profile, and sometimes even a Pinterest board. Whatever you have, make certain that the social media icons on your website have some sort of connection with your social media accounts.

Content, which is unable to be played: It is frustrating for the user if your website does not play video or show images when they are accessing it trough their cell phones. This poor user experience spells doom for your business. Avoid using content types like Flash since they are not compatible with some mobile devices. Go for standard HTML 5 for animation and make use of video embedding since it plays on all devices.

Page Loading Time: According to research, almost half of the users want the web page to load in 2 to 3 seconds and they will become frustrated and leave that particular site if it takes up more loading time than that. A bad chain reaction ensues – your users not only leave but also inform their friends about their negative site experience. Take the help of tools like Google Analytics Plug in to get an idea about how the reason behind the delay of the web page loading and then fix the glitch.

Too many Colors and Fonts: Use a color palette, which does not hurt the eyes of your users. Too many colors and different types of fonts will make it hard for your users to read all that content. As a result, they will be discouraged to use your site. Use one or two neutral colors consistently throughout the web page and if you are confused, you can always experiment and play with colors on Adobe Keller.

Hidden contact information: Make use of both the header and footer on your web page since those are the places, where your users will be looking out for some kind of way to contact you whether it is through their computers or mobiles. A click-to-call button on a mobile today is the only recognized design feature for contact information like phone numbers. Make sure that your phone number is mentioned multiple times through tout the web page.

Websites are a great way for you to meet your customers indirectly and persuade them to buy your product or use your service. Do not neglect the above tips if you want substantial profit for your business.