Selecting the best wireless router can be among the most daunting tasks. There are different things to consider before buying a wireless router. Some of them include the signal strength, speed, encryption and compatibility among others. To find better deals when it comes to wireless routers, you can check with online stores. Here are the best wireless routers of 2016. Also check Most sold wifi routers in 2016 shared by Coupon Machine in their blog section.

Linksys XAC1900

One of the things that will impress you with this router is the straightforward software. The clear layout makes it easy to control the router. This implies that you will not experience problems when connecting to your office and home.  It comes with a DSL modem, which is found in the power supply. This allows you to keep your cables safely and neatly. The device uses 2.4GHz /5GHz Bands to support 1300Mbit/sec 802.11ac.  Furthermore, it has USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0 port and four-gigabit Ethernet ports. Inside the router, you will come across a dual processor, which works perfectly with EA6900. Just like most wireless routers from other companies, it has a widget based UI system that makes it more adorable. In terms of performance, this wireless router is great.

AVM Fritz Box 3490

AVM Fritz Box 3490 is a product designed by German Wizard. The superb software is one of the selling points of this wireless router. The software allows you to easily adjust your internet/network connections. Although it does not feature support landline telephony functions or the DECT cordless phone, it is less costly than most of the brands on the market. It comes with built in VSDL modem that allows it to work with a cable, DSL internet connections and cable among others. The manufacturer has included a triple stream 802.11 ac allowing it to support speeds of up to 1300mbit/sec. For easy transfer of storage speeds, it has two USB 3.0 ports. If you want to buy a wireless router without breaking into the nearest bank to pay for the same, then it is high time to consider this brand.

Asus RT-AC87U

Although this is not among the most affordable wireless routers you can find on the market, it is worth consideration. The gadget has the ability to offer fast 802.11ac speeds.  During our tests of different routers, we noted that it can produce high speeds than most routers. The software of the router is among the aspects that make it to stand out from other brands within its price range. The wireless router is not only easy to use but also comes with several admirable features that make it one in its own class.  Some of the attractive features that accompany the wireless router include quality of service system, download manager, cloud backup and panel control just to mention a few of them.

TP-Link Archer D9 ADSL modem router

Our discussion of the best wireless routers will be incomplete if we do not mention this brand. The wireless routers can be used to hook up your smartphone among other devices with ease. Despite its cheap price, it is packed with very many attractive features. To start with, it has a built in ASDL modem, which allows users to connect to their homes as well as office telephone lines. At the back of the router, you will find a USB 3.0 port that makes it easy to use with other storage devices such as printers. In addition, the router has the ability to support 3×3 802.11ac speeds as high as 600mbit/sec and 1300mbit/sec. The wide range of features and ease of use make this wireless router to join the list of the best routers in 2016.

Belkin AC1200DB Wi-Fi dual band Ac+ gigabit

AC1200DB is an affordable router for low and average income earners. It has been designed to support 867Mbit/sec 2×2 MIMO 802.11ac. The device comes with USB 3.0 ports at the back to allow for storage and application of printers where need arises. Unless you are looking for a router with a neck breaking speed, this product will rarely disappoint you.

Trendnet TEW -818DRU

Trendnet is environmental friendly wireless router. This means you can use in different areas including your home and office. The book shaped device boasts of excellent performance with 1300Mbit/sec 3×3 802.11wireless as well as 600Mbit/sec 802.11n.  It features USB 3.0 ports, USB 2.0 ports and Ethernet ports to enhance on the performance and usability.

Netgear N750 WNDR 4000

Netgear N750 is another wonderful wireless router. It has the ability to support 450mbps using 300Mbps and 5GHZ at 2.4GHZ. The router boasts of four gigabit Ethernet ports, WPS button and USB ports among features that ensure easy data transfer. It has a simple design making it a perfect choice for users who want bundled Genie Software when setting their routers in place.   Considering the price of this router, you do not have reasons to continue moving up and down looking for something cheaper.

Buffalo Air station Extreme AC1900

Buffalo AC1900 is a cheap and fast speed router. It can offer a speed of 1300Mbit/sec 802.11n.  The wireless router supports 600Mbit/sec TurboQAM. It has USB 3.0 port and USB 2.0 port. The software of the wireless router is great.  It has web filtering, parental control and quality of service among other features you need to deal with internet related issues. Although it is cheaply priced, this wireless router will help you address different internet problems.

Zyxel NGB 5715

Zyxel has a WPS button, two integrated USB 3.0 ports and gigabit Ethernet port to enhance on the usability. In addition, it has graphical menus, quality of service, firewalls, VPN and content filtering features that make it wonderful choice for your office and home.   It has the ability to achieve 12.8mbps at 24GHZ as well as 25mpbs at 5GHZ. This makes it one of the most powerful wireless routers in 2016.

Edimax BR-6675ND

Winding up the list of the best wireless routers in 2016, this device offers 450mbps at 5GHZ as well as 10.8mbps when used at 2.4GHZ. Although the interface of this wireless router appears confusing especially for the novices, the performance will make to appreciate the effort of manufacturer. To purchase the router, you can find better deals in online stores such as Amazon.